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Mantis Toboggan, M.D, from Middle of nowhere, Australia

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Dec 13, 2019
    1. Daemoniac
      EDIT: nvm.
    2. Metal Awards
      Metal Awards
      No problems you don't agree with the Australian Metal Awards however just to clarify this is not a Soundworks event at all. Brad & Dysie have been a big help but they are now way involved in any aspect of this other than Dysie being on the Judging Panel.
    3. hufschmid
      :D For your avatar :D


    4. HighGain510
      Oh yeah I wasn't implying that, I just meant I was trying to respond and it was like "this thread is locked, biatch." :rofl: I agree, hard to fault someone who might not even be able to resolve the issue, but sometimes folks don't think about things like that when they post. :shrug: That would actually be pretty funny if it was a temper tantrum thrown by Flick! :lol:
    5. HighGain510
      FWIW I was typing in my response agreeing with you in the Alex thread when it got locked! :lol: Agreed on both counts, you would think he would be here more often to fix stuff when it goes wrong, however the blatant attacking is just weaksauce. :wub:
    6. djpharoah
      haha :ninja: again
    7. Stealthdjentstic
    8. Stealthdjentstic

      locking Korn threads now are we :lol:
    9. hufschmid
      How are you doing man? :wavey:
    10. Daemoniac
      WTF?? The "Whats the most ignorant thing etc etc.." thread in General Music Discussion... twas started by me, but somehow it says Harry started it :rofl: ANy way to fix that up?
    11. Daemoniac
      Oh awesome as :) Yeah i think itd be a cool idea to have something way more obvious. I just remember the masses of :join me in the chatroom" threads people would start, itd be cool to have one just solidly there.
    12. Daemoniac
      So to revive the chatrom a little bit, would you be able to sticky the "get in the chatroom" thread and rename it "7string.orgs "Who's in the chatroom" thread". Maybe we'll get more people using it :)
    13. Daemoniac
      I'll take your :kd: and :dio:, and furhter raise you a :metalorc::flex:
    14. Daemoniac
    15. Stealthdjentstic
    16. 74n4LL0
      Thanks for the new avatar :)
    17. Stealthdjentstic
      Dorian the flying elephant

    18. arktan
      What Demoniac posted. I saw it too. It's funny :D
    19. Daemoniac
      "So, this thread is still locked. Yep, still. No, there were never any posts here. Are you seriously trying to suggest that super-handsome mod that's taken the boards by storm might have screwed up? Whatever, Cheech[IMG]"

    20. hufschmid
      My favourite moderator :wub:
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    Yeah, a lot of people are bugging their babies these days... I guess babies can't be trusted.
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