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Jun 28, 2019
Jun 11, 2006
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Mantis Toboggan, M.D, from Middle of nowhere, Australia

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Jun 28, 2019
    1. Wi77iam
      Hey man, can you add a FT to the title of my FS thread
    2. MorbidTravis
      next time the forum goes out, he's getting a thousand emails from me. ill risk the ban.
    3. MorbidTravis
      that NGD forum sounds like a good idea, is there no way to get alex's attention to do something on this forum? seems like he is never on, and doesnt even know about this forum
    4. sol niger 333
      sol niger 333
      Fantastic Devin interview man. Intelligent and respectful from your end. Enlightening and inspiring on his end. Thankyou so much dewd!!!
    5. Sliggy
      So... is my interview / article for "Kakuna Used Harden" ever going up? :D
    6. HighGain510
      Dick in mouth, duly noted sir. :rofl: :fawk: Yeah it wasn't so much that it was not signed, just that the neg had absolutely nothing to do with the post! :lol: :spock: Ah well, retards will be retards! ;)
    7. ellengtrgrl
    8. ellengtrgrl
      Just a quick question Mr. Super Moderator. I want to ask the esteemed forumites a question on both a couple of 7 and a couple of 8 string models (I got back my income tax return, and it turned out to be substantially more than I expected, so I've decided to upgrade my 7-string, or repla ce it with an 8-string). Which forume do I post my interesting little dilemma in (I'm split over another 7, or an 8-string)?

    9. HighGain510
      Thank-you for cleaning up that garbage yesterday man! :wub:
    10. Mattayus
      Hey man!

      Yeah I'll get on that, shoot you a link in a bit :yesway:
    11. xXxPriestessxXx
      Yeah it is really fun to play, I just can't get into the story. If they had taken more time in the writing process it could have been stellar. Now that you mention it, I can see the warhammer aspect of the game. War is dressed just like a warhammer figure. :lol:
    12. xXxPriestessxXx
      Thanks for your review of Darksiders. I ended up renting it yesterday. I like it and all, but I catch myself totally zoning out to the story while I am playing. It doesn't hold my attention like I wanted it to. You were pretty spot on in what you said. :yesway: At least it will pass some time until March when FFXIII and GOWIII come out.
    13. Zepp88
      Greetings sir! :oolong:
    14. xshreditupx
      hey man, i recently sold a uvbk777 on here to a guy in finland, and i tried to list another uvbk and it got moved and linked to the old thread, anyway i can get these threads put up separately. it will help with the sale. if we have to take down the other threads and ill post a new one thats fine. i kind need the money, im going to meet bernie rico jr this weekend and i might get another rico while im out there. thanks
    15. shaneroo
      so, how bout that interview eh? ;)
    16. shaneroo
    17. Prydogga
      I nearly made the mistake of posting in the new thunddderdome, but damn it as soon as I ask, you say it's not coming back and then it does!? JK, I'll request a challenge when I have time to spare.
    18. Anton
    19. Daemoniac
      For the love of god please ban member dyang... SPAMbot to the max :barf:
    20. Prydogga
      THUNDERDDDOME challenges were awesome, do you think you'll bring them back?
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    Apparently I have to put something here? News to me.

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    Yeah, a lot of people are bugging their babies these days... I guess babies can't be trusted.
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