Dawn of the Shred

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  • Thanks dude! I feel so grateful for it, a lot of them are just out of sheer luck like the Roasted Maple Neck one. Same with the Koa, just chance and being in the right place at the right time. Can't wait to put them to use :D
    Thanks! My rhythm sound is channel 3 gain just over 3, bass just over 5, mid/treble on 6, volume as needed. Boosted with a Maxon OD808.

    The settings I have on the green/blue channels aren't really optimal for either, but they're a good enough compromise. Gain 3.5, bass 5, mid 4, treble 5, volume as needed. I usually like a bit more bass and less gain for cleans on channel 1, and less bass and more gain and mids for crunch sounds on channel 2.

    The master presence is set to 6 most of the time, and resonance on 5.
    No worries dude, thanks. It's not the biggest deal, if I had the patience to wait for a rebuild I totally will but waiting these 3 months was hard as it is :lol:
    They're honestly all so good and each has different wood combinations/tunings, so its kind of apples and oranges. I am really really happy with the ceramic Nailbombs in my new one and also the Abraxas set in my green one. The Abraxas is probably my favorite BKP. I have it in 3 guitars: an Ibanez APEX100, an Ibanez RGD2120ZCSM, and the Dean RC7 Greenocide.
    Hands down nicest 8 possibly nicest guitar ive ever played. But alas, im a student and cant afford it so im selling =( Had to sell my last JP too
    Hey dude, im in love with the ibby. Definitely my favorite guitar ive ever played. And yeah I just got some pics of the paint being finished! should be soon now!
    I know how you feel man. There's nothing worse than missing kids. My second wife and I have been trying to work some stuff out. It's been really hard on my two years old daughter. Hang in there man. Write them a letter?
    Hey man, hope you're doing good. I hope you got to see your boys. Let me know how things are going.
    Nope. I am waiting for the metal series. But even then I think I'm going to get a EVH 5153
    Hey Matthew- I kinda freaked out when you mentioned your two boys. I'm twice divorced and have three kids, two from the first, 12 year old boy and 9 year old girl and a 2 year old daughter from the second. Please let me know how I can help or anything, man. PM me and I'll shoot you my eamil or phone. I know how it is to be a dad missing his kids.
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