Dawn of the Shred

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  • I have and they're great together, but I normally like to have the Uberschall as the second amp since the UL and EVH are fairly similar. Mid-heavy, tight, clear, etc. The Uberschall just fills more of the spectrum, you know?
    I considered selling the Archon and buying a powered Kemper. I just know as soon as I do, I'll be wishing I had some good ol' tubes to play around with.
    I love the amp, but sometimes I wish I went digital because of how I use it. It's saturated as fvck, more gain than you'd ever want. Sounds cookie cutter metal sometimes but it can be tweaked to sound pretty sick. Cleans are god tier.
    I've tossed the band idea around to myself lately. I know some guys (a vocalist in particular that's really talented) but we've never been able to find a good space for sessions. His dad has a shop that works great, but I don't like leaving my gear just anywhere, and at the same time I hate lugging my .... around :lol: a used 5150/6505 and cab has been on my list for a long time to use for practice sessions but I don't have the space for it since I'm not in a band.
    I think I'm gonna try to snag another at the end of the year. I want a Majesty but I think I need more JPs in my life.
    You already got a head start on me. I gotta catch up! Had a chance to really play the Majesty yet?
    I love it, dude. It makes everything else feel so average. I can't wait to have a room full of them :lol:
    Yeah man! I've lurked here a loooong time and I think I've only seen 2 other people from Arkansas on here, but nobody from up the street! I'm up in your neck of the woods a lot, watching my sister-in-law play high school basketball.
    If I found a good deal on a used Tele I would probably grab one. Was a little disappointed when I found out they were MIM. $1199 new is more than I am willing to pay for that. Because of the brightness of the maple board Strat, I would kind of like to try the ebony version.
    I haven't played the JR Tele so I can't compare. It's much warmer and resonant than the Strat I have. The maple board adds a lot of brightness on my strat. As far as the neck goes, the Strat and Jazzmaster are the same.
    Hey! At the moment we just have our two song demo up @ our bandcamp page Neck Of The Woods

    We're going into the studio first week of October to record our debut EP. Pretty stoked, glad you dig our sound!
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