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  • Hehe...if I was closer, a jam would be in order! I feel similalrly, I played in a few bandsm but kinda just enjoy playing now, and hope to do some writing and recording for myself 9not release). And also, would love to find a bunch of guys who just want to have some fun playing on the weekend, no pressure. I am busy finishing my thesis and doing an internship at the local mental hospital.
    hehe...my home is in Cape Town (you can have everything) but currently up in Grahamstown until the end of the year! You playing in any bands or the like?
    Thanks for the info man! I'll probably end up using their services now. Sorry about the late reply again, yet again, I forgot ss.org even existed, lol. thanks a bundle man
    I hadn't forgotten about your Sweetwater situation, I just forgot about ss.org for a while. lmao. Any more luck yet?
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