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  • Dang sorry i missed this earlier - unfortunately i only ever use it with the included pro tools software, which it works pretty nicely on. i did have to get a dedicated HDD to really get it working well - kept crashing when using system HDD.

    Did you get this figured out at all?
    not sure dude, its hard for me to give you any help without seeing it myself :( have you tried checking some guitar rig forums? I've never used it before so i cant give you much help there. I do record my bass tracks DI tho through the fast track with a VST. Did you check by chance to see if you have the DI track set to "Line 2" on your inputs of the fast track? That could be your problem.
    hm, i'd have to see whats going on to be much help dude. I use reaper and have had zero problems out of it. What kind of DAW are you using? Make sure that you have playback and recording set to the Fast Track through ASIO4All. Also on the fast track, if you want to hear what's coming through the microphone make sure that you press the "direct monitor" button. Do that and you'll be able to hear the sound going into the mic. Hope that helps man!
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