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  • Yeah I basically just need to keep playing the Kemper on a regular basis as it sounds fantastic and keep telling myself I don't need an amp

    The guy with the PT100 bought it on rig-talk for $2100... I'm actually waiting to see if Matt ends up moving his Though that said if I drop money on anything in the immediate future it will probably be on another guitar.

    Rhodes seems like a class act that does really nice work.
    I really can't lie though, if I could find one used for a decent price I would LOVE to have a Friedman BE100 or SS100 :lol: (and decent = $2500 or so)
    If the 667 can cop the tones I got from the Thrasher I'd be happy...

    Friedman's stuff is awesome but so ridiculously overpriced for what it is that it's not even funny. The Small Box has potential, but from the description it's a one channel amp with different clipping on the front end depending on which input you plug into.

    I think if I was going to drop cash for a Marshall-style boutique amp it would be the Suhr PT-100. I had one before but was dumb and sold it. Great clean channel, and Marshall tones from low gain crunch goodness all the way through brutal rip your face off metal on the other two channels.

    I may just go cheap and have Phaez build me another amp to play with since I've already got the Kemper. The slightly modified JTM18 he build me was pretty sweet and didn't break the bank.
    I'm not really looking. There's a lot of stuff out there I'd like to have, but most of it is $2k+ and I don't really need an amp that badly with the Kemper. That said once the Randall 667 is available I may be in trouble :lol:
    Yeah reminds me of mine... but his price is on the high side IMHO I sold mine that Fortin did for less than that :lol:
    I'm currently using a stereo 1/8th to XLR cable, with only one side of the XLR cable plugged in, I'm looking around for a better cable though, as 1/8th to XLR seems to work better with what I need.
    Hey thanks man :)

    It'll be up on my bandcamp a week today, just ironing out the last little details haha. I'll drop you a link when it's up :)

    A profile is a "snapshot" of your amp at given settings, so if you're running the high gain channel EQ'd a certain way, that's what it captures. That being said, you can add or remove gain with the unit itself (which I've done before, it works pretty well for the most part) and if it's a high gain amp that the volume rolls down well with your guitar, that part is captured as well. I can take some of the mid-to-high gain profiles and roll down the volume on my guitar and it cleans up SUPER nicely! :)
    Yeah it is pretty amazing! I'm still in the honeymoon phase obviously but I've been playing with it for a little while now and can't believe how good it sounds every time I sit down with it! :D
    Ha, thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed the posts / clips. Let me know if you had any questions.
    Rons guitars are sublime. His bridges are fantastic and his fretwork is the best I've ever seen.

    All of my Suhrs are fantastic guitars and can occasionally be had for very good prices used (my seafoam stratty one cost ~$1300 for example).

    I don't think you'd go wrong with either, but I'd nod towards Thorn.
    hahahaha, I just saw your message on my profile!!! I suffer from GAS.... you can't even imagine!! :D
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