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  • Hey brother, hugely interested in the ionizers you have up for sale. Would you be able to part with just the middle and neck, excluding the bridge pup? If not that's completely fine. Will definitely be able to buy them this saturday. I'm in pennsylvania, USA. Hoping you're in the same country. You would be using paypal right? I've been looking for a good price on the full set for the longest and I'm so glad I checked sevenstring.org. Please get back to me or add me on facebook at "Damian Joe Conde". I have the pic of me playing a schecter 7 with a fox head.
    Hey! I always use fretfind2d. I don't have the link on my phone but if you Google it, it comes up as "ekips" something or other and it's awesome. It's a fret placement calculator- you plug in the number of strings, frets, dimensions, multiple scales in any combination and it gives you a template that you can print out and stick on your fb of choice.
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