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Mar 8, 2021
    1. chrisbroncos76
      Thanks! I did intonate and the top string had to be stretched A TON. I did achieve good intonation eventually though. Weird that I had to loosen the truss from Sweetwater though. When I got it, the strings were virtually touching the first couple frets while being a bit away from the 12th fret and beyond.
    2. chrisbroncos76
      Hey man! I just found an old message from you about Ibanez 7 strings. What's your opinion on the SIR27FD? Any tips, or things to recommend? This is my first 7 string.
    3. stuglue
      Hi matey, im in Wakefield.
    4. Rook
      Sounds like a plan :lol:
    5. Jakke
      Hey man, sorry that I haven't gotten back to you yet on Thatcher. I just haven't had time to research my points yet:lol:
    6. lordrcceaser
      Well unless financial tragedy strikes this thing will go with me to the grave :lol:

      Although being a student you never know when you'll suddenly have no money, if that situation arises I'll give you a shout :)
    7. meisterjager
      I've only just now noticed you asked about the heel.. haha! What a fucking assclown ;)

      The heel is great - like.. there isn't a heel at all. As you look down on the fretboard, right around where the neck meets the top cutaway you're basically just seeing fretboard width. It's a fantastic heel :)
    8. meisterjager
      Hey Dan! My S7G should be with me within a month - at least before Christmas time I'd hope. I've asked for the neck on mine to be a bit more profiled than the others I've tried, those being a couple of Solar 8's, the first proto Solar 7, and a pair of Acle signature models. The standard S7G neck profile is definitely unique. It's pretty much a [ shape - very big, defined shoulders and very flat. I've asked for the same kind thickness, but just for a few mm shaved off the shoulders. Hopefully that translated well and they nail it for me!
    9. timfyjames
      hi dan is your blackmachine stll for sale?
    10. hellraizer84
      am in tanfield lea near stanley,10 mins from town,you?
    11. hellraizer84
      hello fellow geordie man!love to hear ya music,was trying to figure out if a na ya or not from the picture haha
    12. Joeseffel
      Northumberland, and since that's halfway between Newcastle and Berwick I thought "fuck it I'll put the city instead if the border town," haha
    13. Joeseffel
      Hey, I live outside of Newcastle by a fair bit, I just name there cause it's easier for people to get an idea of where I am. I've actually bought a 7 so I couldn't buy the xiphos anyway mate due to lack of funds, thanks anyway and good luck with the sale though!
    14. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      MY FUCKING FACE IS WHAT'S GOING ON. get used to it bbz.
    15. djinn314
      trust me a website doesn't get my underwear in a bunch, just a lot more stuff going on. If you're interested in a rg2228 let me know
    16. djinn314
      I'm actually afraid of talkin about it on here because I am on a ban warning. Heaven forbid you try to explain something to someone lol. I did come to SS.org in hopes in rekindling my "love" for music, but this forum helped me realize that ain't going anywhere so I figured it'll keep me out of the "music" realm. I'll go back to being a POS homeless combat veteran
    17. djinn314
      quitting music and selling some gear. this place clearly ain't for me. if your interested let me know.
    18. engage757
      Hey bro! Not a bad idea really! :D I never should have sold my trans-black HGS. Worst decision ever. you have one? ;)
    19. ROAR
      man that guy on the ATB thread was just way too fucking cool
    20. djinn314
      Ugly? I'm a fuckin' hood ornament. I'm there too look pretty, but eh if your band comes to the states - I'm a damn good security guy!...And then I can pick out some Yankee Whales for you!
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