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Jun 13, 2015
Jul 8, 2009
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likes peanut butter, from Montreal

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Jun 13, 2015
    1. uncle_sprinter
      P.S. i didn't negative rep you. I should though for being such a jerk.
    2. uncle_sprinter
      Lol if you have an issue with me, pm me about it. No need to act like a douche to me, I don't know you from Adam and you think your cool and must pick on an American because you told a joke you didn't understand? It's not my fault you have no sense of humor. I have delt with people like you plenty of times, much more clever than you. So your no fucking prize, get over yourself hippie.
    3. Alberto7
      Let's hope I do move to Montreal! :) I'm applying for a transfer to Concordia University. I'm having a little trouble with the last steps of the paperwork and the deadline is November 1st hahaha. But they've allowed me to take an extra few days. Otherwise, I'll re-apply for the next Fall term.

      If they accept me and I move there, we're definitely chilling and jamming a bit! :)
    4. Mattmc74
      Happy Birthday!
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    I has none yet
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    Crate Flexwave Stack
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    I dont have any (sad)


    - Give it a rest. Do you really think that this thread is of a serious nature? 8Fingers is reeling you in. He didn't even have to put any fucking bait on the hook. ;) - CIAM in the 5 Bands you can't stand thread - saying this to toolsound
    - It would just be like "BWOMP BWOMP BWOMP" vs the "VRuuuuOOOOmmmmMMRRRROooomRRR" of the engine. - A subwoofer vs. engine sound, by ESP Griffyn
    - New used car fund: 0$, I bought one
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