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  • specializing in Skinny Puppy bootlegs.. so much so that it was too irresistible to one chap in Germany who just had to get a copy of my archives, mostly complete discographies (all ID3 tags and file names corrected, album art included and embedded and every album in order by year, 800 goth/industrial artists.. just to give you some idea who you're dealing with here) 33 year old white dood from Portland Oregon, rivethead from the Nineties, WE CAME BEFORE EMO!!! Later man... - Chris aka: Die Laughing
    Ok, I created this account probably to no avail.. but I saw no other way to message you.. I want either yours or anybody elses.. Evokebox, if you still have it, or know someone who might be willing to part with theirs. That goes for any of the other Boxsets that came out before the Bone Peeler Boxset.. esp. the first one, or the second one, with the can of Wumpscut energy drink. don't bother replying on here, I doubt I shall return. But you can email me direct at: [email protected], on SoulSeek (NS13.exe) as: Die Laughing, on Demonoid as: Di3Laugh1ng and on myspace as: myspace.com/paddedwallsnotquiet .. hope to further correspond.
    PS: Just a FYI, I recently mailed off a 1TB HDD filled to the brim with all my Industrial, FLAC, mp3 and many MANY video, [continued in next message.. this is lame.. too many characters, ca'mon!!]
    I was just making a joke about the fact that we weren't ss.org friends till now, even though we've known each other for a while now. LOL. I guess my humor doesn't translate well over the internet. :(
    Happened across it on a search for Soundcloud embedding info. Thought of you since it was an hour straight without breaks.
    BentoSan 2009 Neuro DnB Mix - I had a chest cavity by BentoSan on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
    Hey, I'm new here, but I stumbled across some of your posts. Good to see another Rivethead on here!!!
    Best of luck with your move, mate!
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