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    NGD: guitar came with a USB cable? Is this normal???

    Haven't had GAS in a while, but damn do these look great.
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    Very cool, thanks for the details. I'm just glad to see he's continuing the tradition and letting the hardwares spec limitation dictate when the units are totally obsolete as opposed to forcing people to upgrade to enjoy relevant support.
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    It's probably already been asked but, is Axe FX II getting the updated amp simulation progress that's going into Axe FX III going forward?
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    Ibanez NAMM 2017

    .... it. I'm weak. Pre-ordered the Cerulean Blue Burst.
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    Ibanez NAMM 2017

    Same here, lol. I was about to become a changed man though.
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    Ibanez NAMM 2017

    Damn. Did they change the Premium font to make it look like Prestige or something? I swear I was about to drop some cash on a pre-order this morning after seeing the 1070PBZ; until I realized it wasn't actually a Prestige... now I'm a bit hesitant as I've never actually tried any of the...
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    Meshuggah Light Show

    I figured you guys might dig this, recorded it the other night. Love the psychedelic .... they do during every guitar solo.
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    New Mark Tremonti "Baritone".....

    All of my guitars became baritones today. Amazing.
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    Elysian Guitars - The Thread

    Glad to see things are looking up these days, excellent stuff Adam. The look on that second guitar on post #149 is all kinds of hot. gg
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    Keith Merrow + Jeff Loomis + 2 Yamaha THR10x practice amps = ????

    In the market for a practice amp and I'm glad I just happened to click on this thread. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll be snagging one of these very soon.
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    Best tuner pedals for a sevenstring?

    Turbo Tuner.
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    Line 6 POD HD Thread

    Here ya go, just check some of these threads for some amateur/pro DI's.
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    Line 6 POD HD Thread

    Yeah, thats pretty weak. I'll be skipping the X-series. They really haven't shown that they're capable of supporting their user requests and updating the software regularly, so I'll just stick with the Pod HD for now.