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    1. The Grief Hole
      The Grief Hole
      I've seen Deadly Spawn a couple of times. I think its the singer and one guitarist from Ibaalism. The singer is awesome. He does a sort of squat and rests his bass on his lap but because he's pretty tall and lets his hair fall over his face, he looks like some kind of prehistoric man.
      The custom shop is cool. Prices are very high. 400,000 for the cheapest models. I was going to take photos for you yesterday but there was a girl group there and they took the whole place up.
    2. The Grief Hole
      The Grief Hole
      Sorry for the two parts.

      I wrote quite a bit but can only post 1000 letters.
      For guitars I usually buy overseas. The selection in Japan is US brand orientated. Lots of Fender and Gibson. Prices are usually very high to buying the same thing off ebay (for example). Sometimes even double. I bought an RG2228 for 1000 pounds in the UK (2nd hand, mint). In Japan, I found an RG8, gig bag, 2nd hand for 1350 pounds. Prices are pretty bad.

      BTW Japanese Extreme Metal the Documentary Pt 1 - YouTube for the extreme music doc.

      Hope that sheds a little light on stuff. Any more questions feel free to give me a shout.
    3. The Grief Hole
      The Grief Hole
      hey James,
      I live in Yokohama and head up to Tokyo as often as I can. There are certain areas that are just full of music venues (or 'live houses'). Shin-Ogikubo, Shibuya etc. And whilst the metal scene is still very underground the Japanese fans are completely fanatical. This rubs of on the bands. Whilst none of them have what you would call a tour schedule (i.e. a period of a month or two when they play a series of gigs) they play gigs as and when they can. This means you have to keep your ear to the ground which in a way keeps the scene strong. I would recommend watching the documentary Japanese Extreme Metal on youtube.
      ssorc are a definite to check out. From there check out their facebook pages for links to more Japanese bands.
      hardcore is also very popular here (more so than metal) and the two bands that own the scene are GISM and GAUZE. Another two I would add are Casbah and Charm (new-ish band doing genuinely original hardcore witha lot of doom and death parts).
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