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Aug 22, 2010
Jun 5, 2008
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Miami, Florida
bassist, fitness model, trainer & nutritionist

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crystalbass, from Miami, Florida

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Aug 22, 2010
    1. ohio_eric
      So far I've only heard "plans" so there is nothing concrete yet. But Kevan is talking about a bigger stage next year. :D
    2. ohio_eric
      All I know is what he's trying to do of which nothing is finalized. So until Kevan gets names on dotted lines there really isn't nothing to say. Plus I don't want to mention names before they're on board as to avoid the rumor mill getting out of control.

      When I can't sleep I stare at the ceiling. :lol:
    3. Popsyche
      I miss your bassin' skills!
    4. ohio_eric
      I'll keep you as updated as I can. He has kind of disappeared from view at the moment. :shrug:

      I'm glad you guys scored a good drummer. Finding one can be a nightmare. Either they all want to be Neal Peart or they can't keep time. :lol: At least around here.

      If you are gigging don't forget to drop reminders on here as there a lot of FLA members on here.
    5. Popsyche
      At your service, Your Majesty! :D
    6. ohio_eric
      The company is called Strictly 7. :lol:

      He seems to have a plan but I have no idea if it will work. :shrug:

      Are you guys releasing a CD? A tour? I hear Ohio is nice.
    7. ohio_eric
      You guys scored a drummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woot:

      Congrats!!! :D
    8. ohio_eric
      It's going ok. It's good to hear from you. A bunch of us might be getttingtogether soon to play some guitars built by a forum member robanomoly. Also some guy that lives in Ohio might be starting a guitar company so we might gather for that to.

      How are the songs coming. Please post them on the forum when you're done. We love new music. :D
    9. K7_Munky
      I had 2 gigs at the viper room and house of blues on friday and saturday I played lead guitar because their guitarist left, then I did some DJ'ing at club hyde on sunday so I was busy. You have fitness competitions? Thats awesome I compete in surfing a lot I head out to sao paolo brazil tomorrow so Im excited I've only been to hawaii and australia for major competitions sometimes I go to florida but other than that I catch waves here in california.
    10. Mattmc74
      That was at the Utopia bar in New Orleans.

      I checked out your pics from jemfest! Awesome. Looks like you all had a great time. Maybe i'll get to go next year and we can take pics of us rockin out together!:shred:
    11. K7_Munky
      Hey C whats going on? Those protein shakes you told me about are great, so do you have any gigs coming up with your band?
    12. Mattmc74
      Just passin by to say HI.
    13. ohio_eric
      Hey now. No giggling at your elders. ;)
    14. ohio_eric
      I'm getting there. :lol: I was destroyed when I got back home. It was totally worth it though.

      I should have the pics of the preformers from Jemfest up this weekend.
    15. Popsyche
      Yes thanks! The pleasure was all mine! Great playing!
    16. K7_Munky
      Was there any clips from your jemfest performance uploaded?
    17. K7_Munky
      Thanks C I appreciate you helping me out. I'll definitely check them out they sound good thanks again!
    18. K7_Munky
      Those pics were awesome I also checked out the ones on your bands myspace looks like you had a great time at jemfest. I have a question I got a surfing gig in brazil coming up and I was wondering if you could recommend a good protein shake. I read that you're a trainer/nutritionist so thats why I'm asking.
    19. ohio_eric

      Meeting you and Brev was awesome. I really hope you can make it for next year's Jemfest X. :metal:

      I just hope I can survive another one. I'm still recovering. :lol:

      I'm going to try and get all the pics I took online ASAP.
    20. K7_Munky
      How was jemfest did you tear up the stage?
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    Miami, Florida
    bassist, fitness model, trainer & nutritionist
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    Glockenklang 15" cab
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    Logic, Nuendo & Cubase
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    i play bass for the instrumental prog rock group:

    working out, playing bass!


    Solos Rule! :hbang: