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  • Again to reiterate it's not something I listen to a great deal but I do like to spin the disc now and again, and Tosin's compositional ability is more than strong enough to stand up without djent in every song.
    That is exactly it, it's the poppy, easy to digest elements of the music distilled from a harder and more abrasive original sound. Not that I have anything against lighter music, call me a cynic if you must, but I think from this small nucleus of second-hand djent bands such as Periphery, Tesseract et al, we will see a lot of even worse copycat bands who as I said, are copying the copiers, and it will only get worse in terms of quality, and innovation will die away.

    I try to keep Animals as Leaders separate from this, because while it's nothing something I listen to often, I think the AAL is very inventive in the way it fuses real jazz element and a very strong, dark sound with djent, rather than simply cobbling together songs of djented verses and melodic, radio-rock style choruses. I think we have a lot more to see from Tosin Abasi, but I hope he doesn't continue to rely on djent to prop the music up, or it will risk becoming staid.

    I just don't like djent because I find it dull. The techiques, the tones, the arrangements etc, all do nothing for me. Furthermore, I find a lot of the fans pretty tiresome. A lot of the djent kids I've met in person have this strange obsession with being the guys listening to the lowest tuned music, or the weirdest time sigs. As much as they don't like to admit it, a lot of them are as much about the pseudo-competitive aspect of the music as kids practising their scales to try and shred at a slightly higher bpm than the next guy.

    The fad won't last forever, thankfully!
    Not really, I'm running a peavy windsor head into a ampeg svt 1540. My amps not as high gain as that spider and it might be something else besides your head or cab. Are you running anything infront of the spider and make sure you're using a speaker cable to connect the head an dcab.
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