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    Anybody ever heard of

    I was just getting my daily dose of DVICE and I ran across a post about, which can be found here. I've never heard of, so I was wondering if anyone here has heard of them. Apparently you can load up your music and it gets streamed to listeners. When it does you get a royalty...
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    WTB: RG style body (basswood) fresh cut

    Hey guys! Yea, I haven't been around much lately. Tons of stuff going on and just no time anymore. Yea, $60 - $80 would be an impossibility for me. That would barely cover the cost of the wood. Basswood RG bodies for me are $160 and you get the cavity covers with it. If you buy from...
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    The Nu-Metal Appreciation Thread

    I love Scars of Life! I've got alot of their early stuff. I've wondered if they're still around. I guess they are.
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    Custom 540p build

    I use a Shopbot Buddy BT48. It's pretty versatile. It comes with a 2' by 4' working section, but you can change out the arm and put a longer one on all the way up to 8', making it 8' by 4'. So, I could do a full sheet of plywood on here if I want. The longer arm is about $1500 or so extra...
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    Custom 540p build

    BTW, the bottom of the electronics cavity looks the way it does because I wanted to get an angled jack in there like the JEMs. So, this one will have an angled jack in it. If anyone is wondering about why there are steps on the forearm and belly contours it's because I hand blend each...
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    2018 Customs - Couple of Things I'm Working On.

    Sure Jeff. Doing a S-series is something I want to do, but nobody has asked for one yet and as such I haven't done one. I even have a body blank ready to go for a S-series. It's half purpleheart and half african mahogany, both having figured qualities. I have to do a computer model and...
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    RG7621 replacement bodies...

    My ears were burning so I thought I'd drop in. I've got a small list at the moment - 5. For me you're looking at probably a month before I could get started on it. After that it's just a few days to do the work. If you have any questions feel free to PM or email me at...
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    When Does A Guitar Become Too Expensive?

    You're right! There's nothing wrong with basswood. It just happens to be more available right now, which makes it cheap. It also just happens to have great tonal qualities. The guitar companies would like to make you think that basswood isn't nearly as good as another wood, but the wood is...
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    2018 Customs - Couple of Things I'm Working On.

    Hello folks! Here's something I managed to finish up this early afternoon before the floods came. It's an insert for a humbucker in a 7 string body. It was originally routed out for Phase II Blackouts for TheWreck's 7 string, single humbucker in the bridge, african mahogany body...
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    NGD 2018 RG7!!

    No, you're right, they are crooked. It's the way Ibanez drilled the holes for that particular bridge - not in a straight line.
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    NGD 2018 RG7!!

    I wondered which cavity covers you'd go with. I personally liked the flamed maple better just because of the contrast. I was lucky to get the mahogany to stay flat after cutting the covers, and as you know the electronics cavity has a piece of rosewood to keep it straight. The african...
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    2018 Customs - Couple of Things I'm Working On.

    No, I wish. What you see there is just some things I did in Lightwave to get the rendering to come out chrome. Thanks Wreck! I'm humbled by your comment. :yesway: I look forward to it. ;) I can't wait to see the finished axe! It's going up on the site, so SEND ME...
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    2018 Customs - Couple of Things I'm Working On.

    Thanks guys! Glad you all like it! :D
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    My RG7 Project!!!

    This body is a 7 string, basically a 7620, but with a different trem pocket rout to accomodate a Lo-TRS trem.
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    2018 Customs - Couple of Things I'm Working On.

    Here's a finish that I've been working on for some time. It's my version of the weathered finish which I believe is quite a bit different than how Hufschmid does his. I learned how to weather wood artificially a long time ago, so it's cool to be able to apply all that to a guitar finish...