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  • Interested in working out a trade. I have a blue 1984 Gibson explorer and a Randall Rt 2/50 for trade bait. Interested in your jackson(s).
    Im on many of the same boards as you let me know..
    Damn, if i was looking to buy another one id def try and only spend 1400ish max so im not sure if hes trying to make profit or perhaps a more recent model that gibson priced up

    If i didnt get mine for under 1000 i def wouldnt own a gibson haha
    Hey man,

    I saw in someone's for sale thread for a GT-10 you said that there is a DVD from Roland which I assume is instructional, I was wondering if I may be able to bother you for more information regarding that? Perhaps a name or a Youtube link? It would be much appreciated :)
    Hey Corpsegrinder! I see you all the time on the JCF! You have no clue how much the Warrior is eating me alive... If I didn't get fired I would've been all over it, but it's just not our time :(

    Good luck with the sale!
    Hey man, I was the guy asking for a shipping quote to New Zealand. I'm immensely interested in the Ferrari Red Warrior. Are you in a rush to sell it?
    Hey dude, You have any other USA Jacksons you'd part with apart from that SL1-T? It's nice but I'm after something with a trem.
    Hey. You have some really amazing guitars! I love Jacksons but I only have an Mid Price RR right now. I'm saving to get an SL2 which will be great. Anyway, incredible collection!
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