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Dec 8, 2018
Mar 5, 2014
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Dec 8, 2018
    1. axiomIII
      It would be nice but not essential for the 10 string kahler to be also given and maybe the bridge pickup? If these are on the list I would like to know the price before and after adding them.
      If it was up to me I would ask for a 48 fret 10 string 27” to 32” (or lower) to be made by you but I don’t think you fret that high.. so the fretless (or partial,) finger board will have to do. Could you make me a good deal?
      * Fan fret Neck- with finger board (fretting optional but 48 is desired if so.)
      *Fretting Optional
      *10 string kahler Optional
      * Bridge pickup Optional
      *All controls and wires separate for my use. Optional
    2. axiomIII
      Do you know how a 0F# sounds on these scale lengths?, - 30” 31” 31.5” 32” ..If you have videos on you tube I would like to see them please. The reason I ask is because I am considering a 27” to 32” scale d4 to F#0 and I ‘m not sure if shorter scale on the lower side would be better for the other strings.

      Would a neck through plank be build able with a 34 or 35” fingerboard? You don’t have to fret it I just want to know what it would cost? Since my body is a unique hollow body and your customs don’t do this with the shape I need, I could show you a picture of it if that helped.
    3. OmegaSlayer
      Thanks for the friend request. :)
      I hope the system will accept it, since I'm clicking on save changes and nothing happens :(
      Duh :(
    4. Obfuscous
      Hi dudes. I am a very hard working vocalist, and I want to do this for the rest of my life. I would be interested in trying out for your spot as a frontman, and then relocating permanently to where you are- so long as you guys like my vocals.
    5. 8StringX
      Cool, I've been considering buying an Agile 10-string and playing with open tunings. Standard tuning has seemed a bit boring and monotonous lately so I'm looking to change it up.

      I'm also really liking the idea of buying one of the new Schecter or Ibanez 9-strings and tuning it to open B minor, being: B0F#1B1F#2B2F#3B3D4F#4. With this I would practically have the range of a 10-string yet could return to standard C#1-E4 without wishing I had a longer/shorter scale or fanned frets.
    6. 8StringX
      I just listened to your demo. It was awesome! Definitely looking forward to more. What are you planning on tuning your 10-string?
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