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  • Thanks again, dude. Well I can definitely say I'm VERY familiar with that situation....and Long Island isn't as much of a gold mine as it may seem lol. Right now it's filled with your generic breakdown bands who just don't want to do anything different/not generic. Before I met Eddie (our drummer) I was in and out of projects constantly because I could never find anyone who was serious enough or wanted to write the same music that I did.....and that went on for just about 10 years lol.

    Your best bet is too look further away, but maybe still within the state. Or just go to shows/schools/look online. It's tough, man but hopefully you'll get something together soon enough. Thanks again, man. Best of luck!
    Hey man cheers for the friend request - im looking forward to bringing some new music to you folks!!!
    i didnt send the tabs to him yet, me and the guy im doing these tabs with are still passin them around fixing stuff. ill send them once we're done though.
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