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Apr 26, 2010
Jun 22, 2007
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The Flip-Flopper, from Massachusetts

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Apr 26, 2010
    1. budda
    2. nocturnous
      guess who just ordered his first seven ! :D
    3. Josh Lawson
      Josh Lawson
      Or that piece of shit Chris either!! Fuck that asshole in the neck!!
    4. Josh Lawson
      Josh Lawson
      Hey you are the same guy from MySpace! How ya doin' guy!
    5. budda
      my laptop is uberfucked man, im really sorry :(
    6. budda
      :lol: actually i'll be workin 7:30-4 five days a week starting monday haha.

      it'll get done!.. i dont like wasting time!.. it just happens.. lol
    7. budda
      im sorry yo :( busy busy :noway:
    8. budda
      well i cleaned! but no vox yet.. It'll get done!!!
    9. budda
      I'll sweep the upstairs floor, vaccuum my bedroom, and then record vocals. sound good?

      yes, its been a bit of a busy week.. hang tight
    10. budda
      I haven't really even started tracking the vocals yet man, it'll get finished up next week, after exams, provided i dont have someone forcing beer down my throat :lol:.

      be patient, grasshopper. it will be finished. and you will like it. :squint:
    11. budda
      i'd LIKE to sing on it! I just dunno if it'll be my best singing abilities :lol:.

      so expect some pop-punk kinda mumbly singing.. followed by death vocals lol. the stop-go part towards the end will be fun :D
    12. budda
      Just because I dont trust my singing voice after Slamdeth takes, it will probably be all screaming.

      i REALLY SHOULD do my paperwork for work tomorrow (since i didnt today..) and study for my 2 finals thursday..

      but chances are, yours will be done tomorrow :lol:. I just need to figure out the timing for most of it..
    13. budda
      Yeah, i dunno how the singing will be..

      so expect similar vocals to Sak's tune, about alcohol abuse and how i dont like it.
    14. budda
      I can do that.

      dunno what i'll do for it yet, no real lyrics ideas and im not sure how im gonna sing it. expect slamdeth vox for the heavier riffage haha
    15. budda
      do you have lyrics you want over this..? cuz after doing screams for sak's piece (it's up btw), my voice isnt the greeeatest - gonna try some rough takes on yours lol. Every time i start mumbling my way through it, it sounds more pop punk then.. rody. lol.
    16. budda
      yup. dunno if you're even up lol, most sane people are asleep for school/work tomorrow.. i have neither :D.

      I'll do the vocals and put 'em up on My soundclick... do you want me to make a new thread? well if i do yours and sakeido's, i can make a new thread.. hm..
    17. budda
      msn :squint:
    18. budda
      I put my LP in Db. that was a MISTAKE :lol:. picked up my C7 today after the tweaking, and i was like "mm, low B".. but i didnt really use the high E lol. I dont think more strings are useless, i just know that it'll take a really comfy 7 for my playing to be as good as it is on a 6.. and thats a $1350 DC727 haha.

      I have a music teacher lined up for the fall :D, so I'll be learning a bucketload of theory and applying it to guitar. so hopefully between now and december, my playing and compositional skills will have improved. I'm thinkin i may revisit that melodeath clip tomorrow, slow it down, try to clean it up (it wont sound the same though). I'll use the metronome in Sonar to actually stay in time haha.
    19. budda
      POD, GT-8, whatever's easiest.

      well POD just USB->DAW, right? hm. i'll probably end up that route. I need a multi for living in an apartment too lol, so i probably wont have one until the end of the summer.. after a DC727. but im not entirely sure i want a 7 anymore.. a downtuned 6 keeps looking appealing :( :lol:
    20. budda
      If my roommate and her bf leave the house, and im not already at the gym, i want to try slowing down that melodeath idea lol.
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