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Sep 9, 2013
Dec 13, 2009
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clouds Regular, from UK

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Sep 9, 2013
    1. Hallic

      Pretty sweet you saw dshs. I recently saw Periphery, monuments and the safety fire. Monuments en the safety fire----> big wowww :-O

      checking accients.

      not sure about the vocals yet. There better be some skramz :P But ill put it on my watchlist. Do you got facebook?
    2. Hallic
      anything new?
    3. Hollowway
      Ultraman! Also from the old Japanese TV show.
    4. Hallic
      lucky you.

      Arusha is indeed signed to bassick

      Yeah ok, both have some some similar feel to one of those screamo bands ive been to (captain, you ship is sinking) And by screamo is mean the real screamo, not the scenester highjacked term =)

      Im gonna check those band out then..

      just bought tix 4 Periphery and Monuments this febuari 12th. Siked!!! ^___^

      a while back i went to the London burning II tour(DSHS, bury tomorow, fei comodo, The boy Will drown, Sacred Mother Tongue and... ehmmm (*kuchh*)My Passion(*kuchh*). Actually hoping for a london burning 3 tour =)

      how r you related to DSHS?
    5. Hallic
      ah ok! I hope to see DSHS again something in the future.

      Yes i have heard of Rinoa! Really like it them aswel. unfortunately haven't had to honour to them live, since im in the netherlands. Shame they're splitting. I'm also a big fan of The arusha accord, but that a bit different from Rinoa&DSHS.

      Do you know any other similar bands like Rinoa&DSHS( which i like to call "Post-screamo")
    6. Hallic
      i saw them before their latest album came out. There weren't that many people at the concert i went to but It was one of the most epic live concerts ve ever been to. The vocalist even went screaming without the mic and i was still able to hear him(he was 1meter before me :P)
    7. Hallic
      DSHS is fucking awsome =) 've seen them live
    8. Hallic
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