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    Ugly Snare BOOM I cannot tame, HELP

    Could it be that you are programming a Kick and Snare at the same time mate? That's in the example here on the 2nd to last snare, with both of them at the same time that is a lot of transient information at the exact same time especially if they are locked to the grid.
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    Can't for the life of me figure out why I'm not getting sound out of my studio monitors

    Not that i'm familier with your setup or nameless, but in my experience audio device type is usually set to ASIO not DirectSound as yours is selected. Also a buffer size/latency that high will most likely be unplayable, i'd try get it down to 12ms or lower if possible. Good luck!
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    Guitars = constant wall of noise in my mix

    Honestly it's not as bad as you think. I think it's just how the guitars are sitting in comparison to everything else in the mix (I think they could actually come down a tad). I think overall it's a bit too compressed or limited as the transients of the kick and snare are being lost, maybe it's...
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    DJENTHUGGAH Drums - Demo || Mixing Tutorial

    Wait, you didn't actually do this did you? Because that is one sure fire way to have unrealistic drum sounds, ghost notes are used in metal/djent ALL the time
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    Max CPU When Mixing - Too many VSTs

    Before you do anything else try running a 32bit daw or 64 bit plugin. I've had a few issues with cubase when running different bit plugins compared to daw, i don't think it bridges them that well. Edit: Just tried about 40 plugins and 8 instances of Tse in 32bit cubase with a really old i5 750...
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    Max CPU When Mixing - Too many VSTs

    Sounds odd that just one instance of TSE would do that to your CPU. Out of interest are you running 32bit or 64bit daw/plugins? Perhaps an issue with that could be causing it? Also what buffer size is your interface set to? Try playing around with ASIO settings see if it helps at all. Sounds...
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    Lend me your ears (Pop Punk - Joey Sturgis - Mixtest)

    I think it's good, but try turning down the guitars a bit imo, should help with your listed changes too?
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    Free Multi Mic, Multi Hit Snare Sample for you guys

    Sweet! lemme know how you find it!
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    Free Multi Mic, Multi Hit Snare Sample for you guys

    Hey guys I have here a pre-processed snare sample for you. This was recorded before tracking drum takes for my bands EP :hbang: Sledgehammer Snare Sample The snare is a Black Panther Sledgehammer Snare Drum (14 x 6.5, Brass), recorded with a 57 on top, an i5 on the bottom. Overheads were...
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    Drum Sampling in Cubase with SD2.0

    SD does not load external samples, if you want to use SD to trigger an external sample you need to load a plugin like Drumagog or Slate Trigger/Any other triggering plugin on the drum channel you are triggering from. (Have superior set to multi out - in superiors mixer, then you might need to...
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    Tesseract-esque Mix Test

    Excellent work!
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    Drum edits needed... *Click Me*

    Hey mate, sending you an email now :)
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    Would love to hear your opinion on a track I engineered/mix/mastered

    Thank you very much dude! Yeah the sample kept getting drowned out when the guitars came back in, in hindsight now you mention it I should have definitely automated the volume of it. Doh!
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    Would love to hear your opinion on a track I engineered/mix/mastered

    As the title says please take a listen here or here So I went through about 15 different mixes on this track before settling on one that I think is acceptable! Fully live drums (no sample...