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  • Hey dude could you make your old djent perrys downloadable for like an hour or so so i can download them =) i want to listen in my car!
    I've downloaded all of your Djent Perry and I cannot stop listening to it. They have like 150 listens each.. and its been two weeks:hbang:
    hey man check out my post! i put a song up i made with my friend on vocals theres a video and a sound cloud i thought it came out pretty good i just wish i had superior drummer! its under the recording studio section titled djenty song. tell me what you think thanks
    Keep up the good work, I´ll let you hear some of my rock mixes later on when i actually got something finished.
    Thanx! Yes I know about the master bus solution. I have mixed for many years and all I need is a good tip on the mastering side. The reason I was asking was because even though the mastering process is a complex thing and you should work with a stereo-file in your DAW Ive come across people as yourself sitting at home and getting rediculous results only using the master bus solution.
    I am far from scratching the iceberg on mixing and mastering and this was all self taught so i could be comletely wrong on everything and there is most probably much better ways of doing things :)
    Hey here is a picture of what i used in mastering.

    Blockfish adds a slight amount of warm compression to even things out.
    The glisseq adds lows and i cut some of the very highs because i felt the cymbals were too prominant. I used a harmonic exciter and eq on them and felt i over did it.
    Izotope ozone adds more direct EQ (i cut below 34hz to tighten the bass) and i used the harmonic exciter and stereo enhancer to give it more width and depth.
    Cubase Dynamics adds a tiny bit more compression.
    Voxengo Elephant is my limiter, which is getting moderately slammed at +6db in.

    On the mix stereo bus i used some tape simulation.
    Various plugins on the drums most majorly paralell compression. Snare is quite heavily compressed.
    I wouldn't recommend using a master bus solution as its completely different to mastering properly.
    Hey man cool work on the remixes. It's nice to hear a promising talent compared to alot of shit you find all over the place today. You actually show that you have skills in arranging and stuff from a tonal aspect, good work! I was hoping you could help a brother out by giving some tips on what you used for mastering or if you just did a "master bus"-solution? Something tells me you didn't use a limiter due to the fact that the snare still smacks heavenly. So what's your secret for keeping all the smackiness and high output?
    hahah i wish she said that :p
    but its been pretty hectic month but ive done most of california. we shall see soon x
    hey man are you going to be doing more of the katy perry covers? shes always buggin me about getting more. she loves em and i actually like em as well.
    I just combined one of the ideas I sent you. It would be an amazing part in a song.
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