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  • I think someone needs to go to a shopping centre and stand infront of a store that sells televisions or tele guitars and yell "free teles" and whenever someone says ill take one, they pull out a ipad and play
    Free TVs, Free 3D TVs, Free Plasma TVs, Free Apple TVs at ¤ Only Free free teles, pretty sweet as well
    Hey, Chuck you mentioned somehting about the MXR power Brick I showed you not balanced or something to that extent, could you explain what you meant by that?
    I tried to give you and HeHasTheJazzHands more rep but it wouldn't let me :(. It's always nice to see that I'm not the crazy person, haha.

    Sorry about the bad blood between us. Let's not confront each other about stupid things. This is a forum for people who love music, I've been here since 06 I don't want to have beef with anyone here. I know my response was harsh to you, but you were a little too harsh to me too, though I get your point. Anyway, have fun.
    Thanks, dude! We're hoping for late May or early June. Probably a digital release with limited edition cassettes.
    I dont love mine, but 5-10 miles of powerwalking a day and lifting heavy items does help me get in some good exercise, so I don't hate it. warehouse. I start at $11.30 an hour, with the possibility of a raise to $14 an hour after 90 days with plently of optional overtime.
    Start my first full week at my new job on monday. Yay for better money. :lol:
    dude im just trollin to piss off all you ibby and schecter fanboys. dgaf if i get banned i hardly ever post on here :lol:
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