Christian Muenzner
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Mar 23, 2016
Mar 22, 2011
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Christian Muenzner

Well-Known Member, from Bad Neustadt, Germany

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Mar 23, 2016
    1. vm27
      What's up man? Thanks for accepting the friend request! Love every single stuff you release. From your solos on Epitaph until your work on Malkuth Grimoire. Hopefully we get more music from you in the future.
    2. Kassuhn
      Are you still offering guitar lessons by chance?
    3. Necropitated
      Hey christian, danke fürs annehmen ;-)
      Und danke für die großartige musik. Wäre kuhl wenn du mal in meinen youtube kanal guggst. Sind auch en paar obscura sachen dabei.
      Kanal von DawnOfResurrection - YouTube
    4. ImaDjentleman
      dude, you are the man, you are... the man! honestly when i listen to epitaph (about every day lolol) i can really hear that your sweeps are cleaner than muhammed`s! you are too awesome, everyone that has ever been in my favorite band of all time (right now haha) is too awesome :)
    5. BER2ERKER
      Christian Muenzner, you are MY FAVORITE guitarist of all time. My grandchildren will one day hear of you. You're the reason I got into guitar again heavily and seriously; if I could play like any person in the world it would definitely be you. Incredible phrasing and technique, my guitar idol hands down. Cheers from a huge fan in New Jersey USA. Sorry to be that annoying guy, but I had to say something after seeing you are registered on here. Timewarp is the best ever!
    6. Stealthdjentstic
      You are the man! Awesome playing and keep up with the massive output!
    7. SeanC
      Hey I just wanted to say how much I love your solo album. It's probably been my top listened to album lately besides Omnivium. Keep up the good work!
    8. OrsusMetal
      Hey Chris! :wavey:
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