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    What's YOUR favorite metalguitar tone?

    Came to this thread to post the same thing. Undeniably one of the most bad ass guitar tones on an album period.
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    Cali Death Podcast!

    Great guys...our bassist and drummer did an episode with them!
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    Help Identify this 3 way toggle switch

    Do you have a multimeter? Can't you just OHM it out or am I missing what you are trying to do?
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    Your top melodeath albums?

    I skimmed the comments and didn't see it listed........ Eucharist-Mirror Worlds is a great one that doesn't get a lot of attention.
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    Interesting/unusual rhythm guitar sounds in metal

    Freak Kitchen. IA is a beast but his tone is definitely weird.
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    Pedalboard w/ pedal switcher or multi-effects?

    Both setups are worthy causes. If you go the "switcher" route I personally can vouch for the EHX Super Switcher. I control all my effects and channel switching on my ENGL with mine. It's super easy to use and make presets. If you have pedals that do midi control you can even automatically switch...
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    NGD: RG7620

    My 2000 7421's paint has flaked off almost completely around the bottom. Doesn't even make sense LOL
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    Canvas Solaris-Chromosphere Just a little update now that they have announced the release. "Chromosphere" is being released through Divebomb...
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    Any Opeth Fans?

    There was one track that I think was on "Heritage" that had like a pan flute solo against some doomy sounding drums/guitars. That was the coolest thing I remember hearing out of the last three Opeth albums. Reading that statement it just sounds ridiculous lol. Does anyone know what I am talking...
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    Any Opeth Fans?

    I always thought they had a perfect discography up through Watershed. As a musician, I can't fault them for wanting to explore other musical avenues...I just wish they had called it something else. The later "70s prog inspired" albums don't do anything for me. Opeth always had a dynamic range...
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Same concept with the "Horseshoe Theory" ....far left and the far right are much closer together than the people closer to the "center". I never cared for Iced Earth anyways but this isn't surprising at all. There are people with these views everywhere in all walks of life. They have just been...
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    Canvas Solaris-Chromosphere

    Looking forward to having people hear the full thing.
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    Canvas Solaris-Chromosphere

    Thanks for the support! That's still a personal favorite of mine.
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    Drop Tuning/gauge/ Intonation question

    Thanks for the info. I looked at a gauge calculator online before and it clearly was wrong or I didn't input something correctly. I'm gonna bump up to the 74 that I have and see how the intonation looks.