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Oct 18, 2016
May 15, 2007
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ChrisLetchford Regular, from Houston

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Oct 18, 2016
    1. Dawn of the Shred
      Dawn of the Shred
      Congrats on your sig guitar. Iv been a fan of yours since the 1st cd. Keep up the great playing and great teaching.
    2. baptizedinblood
      Congrats on the sig build man! Very unique guitar. How's the EndurNeck feel?
    3. AngstRiddenDreams
      Chris, I'm sorry for all the hate you are getting from your signature guitar. People here can be a little bit crazy and nit-picky. I'd like to congratulate you man, having a signature guitar is pretty big, regardless of brand. I've been listening to you guys since your first album and i've always wanted you guys to succeed and now you are!
    4. s_k_mullins
      Congrats on the signature guitar Chris. It looks awesome. Fuck the haters. Lol
    5. Blasphemer
      Hey, Chris. Any chance you could shed some light on your Mark V settings? :D
    6. Edika
      Hi Chris I received your book today and had just time to skip through it. Very interesting stuff that will keep me busy for a while :) and I like the format of the book.
      If you make a revised version I would just like to note that in page 10 and 21 (exercises 1 and 12 respectively) the notation of the fingers for the bottom part is cut due to printing. Nothing major since it is easy to follow from the above line. In exercise 3 also where it is supposed to be an index pinky warm up tap, there is only the index tap. I don't know if this is intentional in order to make it more musical but I'll try to incorporate some pinky tapping to see how it sounds :).
      These are not complaints as the book is easy to read and very well thought. Just to help in the smallest amount to make this book more perfect :)!
    7. ImaDjentleman
      hmm, i didnt know you were on here, i feel like less of a fan :( lol
    8. Alimination
      Hey mate, Never got back to you. Just wanted to say your book is pretty awesome. Got everything down. :) bow chicka bowow

      Take care,
    9. ZackP3750
      Hey Chris, just dropping by to say thanks for coming to Syracuse and putting on a phenomenal show. I was standing directly in front of Travis and I couldn't stop watching you both just completely tear it up. All of you guys played incredibly, and I can't thank you enough for swinging through Syracuse. Sooooo many times have I heard of bands going on tour and not stopping near here, so getting to see you guys live in my own town (a cold one at that haha) was awesome. Thanks again, and come back to the Cuse soon!!
    10. ChrisLetchford
      haha, alright man. no worries!
    11. Issor
      if it was indeed you guys, it may have been. I remember the guitar being a bright yellow ibanez, or something?

      edit: after some further searching, I can't find it. I suppose I did just confuse you with another band. I did the same thing with The Red Chord, though... confused them with a shitty, generic *core band called The Red Shore.
    12. Issor
      Good to hear man! I'll be there for sure.

      Regarding why I thought I would hate you guys, I think a while back I saw some "betcha can't play this" thing from some guitarists whose band name I mistook for yours. I hated that.
    13. Issor
      Saw you guys with Cynic/Devin Townsend/BTBAM. I went in with some preconceived notion that I would hate you guys, but I don't know where that came from because you guys were fucking INCREDIBLE. You, Cynic, and Devin DESTROYED anything BTBAM did. Halfway through the second song I got bored and sat the rest of their set out in my car reading Slaughterhouse-Five... God you guys were amazing. I'll be there when you come back to the DC/Baltimore area.
    14. gstacey1
      Hey man you guys playing any shows around the US again soon. I'd love to see you guys in ct cause I missed prognation.
    15. Jango
      Thanks for the suggestion, man! If you ever want to check us out, the myspace url is /maidenvoyagekiel.
    16. Jango
      What websites would you suggest for promoting? My band already has a Facebook group/page, a Myspace, a broadjam account, a mediafire account, a Twitter account(with which we follow your twitter XD) and an IMRadio account. All those places (except Twitter) have our 3 demo songs uploaded/available to download. We also have a band email account. Is there anything we might be missing?

      And we'll be sure to come if you play anywhere near us.
    17. Jango
      Man, I missed you and everybody else on the Misdirect Tour when you came through Chicago cause of the weather. It would be awesome if you came farther north; i'm sure a lot of people would show up, especially my band. The other guitarist in my band saw you through the Prog Nation tour last year and highly recommended you guys. You should try and get a show at The Rave in Milwaukee!

      Do you have any tips for another instrumental prog metal band? The band's been together, writing original music, for only 2 months or so, but we've all been playing since 7th grade (we're juniors now.)
    18. Metalus
      Sup dude? Just wanna say im a big fan of STS. I saw you guys in St Petersburg last week. You guys were sick. That 7 string Sherman is beautiful. Looking forward to future shows as well as new material. Take care bro :hbang:
    19. Colton165
      hey man im finally gonna see you guys, id better meet you in atl
    20. hoss_d_2007
      Hey Chris, I love your music. I meet you in houston when you came through Java Jazz with Protest The Hero. I love your music and have since the monument cd. I have the tab book for carving desert canyons and had been playing it on a 6 string until recently picking up a ESP Ltd H 207. I was just wondering if you had any tabs for the songs on the monument album?
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