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    PSA: Kiesel Guitars victim of mail fraud for 16 guitars

    I don't often post on my old forum, but when I do, I prefer to point out shady business practices and dishonest builders. This is utter nonsense and a shameful marketing stunt, and having the audacity to call the "music community" a strong one while straight up exploiting their trust for the...
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    My album "Zero Mantra" will be out in mid-January 2015

    Buy Drew's album, you heathens!
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    ViK Duality 7 QM

    Remember when we all just tried to help each other out, hook our fellow guitarists up with cool guitars at fair prices, and didn't constantly talk up custom shops for the sole purpose of flipping them quickly and screwing other guitarists out of as much money as possible? Those were good days.
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    Sherman Compound Scale Fanned Fret 8 String

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: This is the sister guitar to Kevin's Sherman 8, which won GOTM a while back. This was delivered by Mike today, and while I won't go into the details in this thread (nor will I answer questions about those details), suffice it to say that this...
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    Anyone heard from Sherman lately?

    Bit of an update here. My guitar showed up today. I'd rather not spam the thread, but if you're interested it's posted in the FS forum over on MG. My business with Mike is concluded - best of luck to everyone else.
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    Strandberg #6 on Ebay

    Hi. :wub: I didn't start this community so that it would become a springboard for shady assholes to 'F over guitar fans in one convenient spot. I started it because I love guitars, beer, strippers, big boobs and Motley Crue. Drink beer, play guitar, go to strip clubs and listen to Motley...
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    NGD- Fanned 6 String (canadian BRJ!?)

    Oh, the irony.
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    Anyone heard from Sherman lately?

    FYI, Sean got one of his guitars today. Epic NGD (Snake inside ;) ) Glad to see he is working on them, even if the deadlines are long gone. Hopefully the rest of you guys see something soon. (FWIW, my guitar has been over two years now as well, and I was given the same deadlines as everyone else).
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    Need advice on bad deal with a forum member.

    This. I can't speak for everyone else at my site, but contrary to Mehtab's description of us "old men" being jealous of someone else's collection, I'm quite happy with my two Shermans, two Suhrs, and almost a dozen other customs. I also, ahem, actually play them, but that's neither here nor...
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    NGD: 4 months, but finally got her. damn she fine.

    What I envisioned when I started this site: How it turned out: Nice guitar.
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    Can't leave iTrader feedback

    FYI, this usually happens if you don't have enough text in the Additional Comments box. (I don't know what the minimum required is, but that's almost always the reason.)
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    NGD? Swirl project (almost) done...

    Figured you lads might appreciate this. The paint is ridiculous - it looks almost neon in sunlight, and darker indoors, so it's hard as hell to photograph. Started with this body, pic from the painter: And this neck... Added some parts (Edge pro, Evos, clear cavity covers, tons...
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    NGD? Swirl project (almost) done...

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    Ibanez RG550 in heather pearl

    FWIW, as a guy that has a couple of 550s - that's a great price for the best workhorse 6 string Ibanez ever made. That thing smokes 90% of their current sub-$1000 lineup, and personally, I'd take this 550 over any of the Premium models. Great guitars, fantastic bridge. Good luck with the sale -...