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  • I should get my cash together today for that lovely s7320.
    Oh btw How goes that adoption :D ?
    Hi, I just bought a Randall and I was wondering If you could tell me how I could sound just like you, so I can then effectively rip off all your riffs.

    :D were you getting that kind of vibe or was it just me?...
    hey dude! Whats up?? Is there a way to get the tabs for "we are not anonymous"?? This melodic intro-riff is sick as hell!!!
    Hi. I just bought VHT UL and wondering if you can help with the settings to achieve similar sound like Unearth. I've got recto 4x12, maxon od808 and Ltd Ec-1000 with emg 81/85. Thanks:)
    Thanks for the add Buz... Unearth fuckin owns!! :hbang: And i'm still creamin my pants over that silver burst LACS Ibanez i saw you playin!! Your Ibanez 7's are fuckin savage!
    hey man, does the new album feature the 8 string? I was talking with you about it once outside a show and you weren't sure if the tune was going to make the album
    Hey Buz, any chance of an Unearth Tab book? :D

    take care, come party in Canada sometime (there's beer in it for you :drew:)
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