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Dec 18, 2018
Oct 10, 2010
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Don'tDeserveMyGuitar, from Beirut, Lebanon

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Dec 18, 2018
    1. Andromalia
      Non, mais de toutes fa├žons les anglophones vont rien biter ^^
    2. narad
      Ha, well my PhD thesis defense is Monday, and it's basically the culmination of 8 years in grad school, so it gets priority :) Hopefully I'll have enough time to take photos before flying out for the month, and I could write-up a NGD in the days afterwards. I mean, limited time and if I have to choose between playing a guitar and writing about it, well, you know which I'm choosing!
    3. UnattendedGolfcart
      Thanks dude! I used it because for a good three months of my freshman year at college there was a golfcart parked near my dorm building. I never saw it leave that spot for months, it was entirely unattended. So, there ya go. Haha
    4. OmegaSlayer
      Sure, I hope to get it for mah bday *____* :lol:
    5. OmegaSlayer
      Very much deserved :)
    6. Edika
      Exactly, finally a non French persons who knows him :D!
    7. Bilbone Shaggins
      Bilbone Shaggins
      Laugh so hard you gagged? :)
    8. OmegaSlayer
      Thank you :)
    9. Preciousyetvicious
      Nope, I made it up a long time ago. But I never heard this song before, and I really like it, so thanks for the link. :-)
    10. Preciousyetvicious
      Haha, nice! :yesway:
    11. Zado
      ahaha ok mate,then tell me what you think of the whole experiment :D
    12. Zado
      Awwww not sure what you will get with that damn tool :D
    13. Zado
    14. phugoid
      Nah, not Lebanese, Canadian. Been in Dubai for quite a while now, can't seem to leave this place :)
    15. asfeir
      Hey! Of course Henry is a good friend of one of my best friends :) guitarist?
    16. Chickenhawk
      Lol, no.

      I cant remember where I found the original video that I used to make the gif.

      Pretty awesome, eh?
    17. noise in my mind
      noise in my mind
      Hey dude! cool name lol. Yes, I have the passive pickups but I replaced the bridge pickup with a lundgren m7 and the neck pickup with a carvin. I didn't really care for the stock pickups, but it's a great guitar! cheers!
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    Beirut, Lebanon
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    None yet
    Other Guitars:
    2007 Washburn x50-PROQ (TB10 bridge & SH10 neck)
    Ibanez Classic guitar
    Samick S-S-H superstrat (TB11 bridge, SD Hot Rails neck, stock middle)
    Fiesta acoustic (chinese Ovation clone)
    Engl Ironball
    Laney Ironheart Studio
    Line 6 POD Studio GX
    Marshall Park 10W
    Bugera V5
    Effects & Pedals:
    AMT Legend E-1
    Seymour Duncan 805
    Boss GE-7
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Laney IRT212
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Amplitube 3


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