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Aug 10, 2014
Oct 23, 2008
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caughtinamosh, from Earth

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Aug 10, 2014
    1. george galatis
      george galatis
      dude what's up with the et's 7? is it ready? :)

    2. Ram150023
      My parents live in Caledonia, NY. Awsome man! hows the life over there??
    3. Ram150023
      Caledonia?? NY??
    4. Excalibur
      Awesome avatar as always, isn't that girl called Jessica or something?
    5. MF_Kitten
      volume pedal on a clean tone, dude. I have lots of delays and reverbs and some light choruses on there too, but it's basically clean tone with long reverb, and volume swells.
    6. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      I still need to dude, The Thin Red Line is on my 'to watch' list fo' sure :yesway:
    7. Wi77iam
      :lol: I'm not metul enough for moar than that.
    8. Wi77iam
      Did I tell you I got a quilted maple fretboard on mine :lol: Can't wait to get it.
    9. Wi77iam
      Nup.. He's been on though.. but don't wanna piss the guy off with a flood of pm's saying the same shit. Fucking Sims is a piece of shit I tell you, where the glue joint was, just started to come apart, so I have no idea what Adam is going to do to it..
    10. Wi77iam
      You mean your body? :lol: Can't wait to get this guitar up and running. :tmm: I also bought an RG7620 neck off Ketzer.. 'cause it was cheap :lol: I have no idea what I am going to do with it.. another project?! :lol:
    11. Wi77iam
      :woot: 3 or so more weeks til I get my neck. :metal: Fucking psyched.. but the body on the other hand, Adam isn't getting back to me :scratch:
    12. Demanufacture
      hey do you have pics of your ET RG7?
    13. Al NiCotin
      Al NiCotin
      Hey sis are you a casting error?? I'm 44 pro fireman... the day you will need someone like me, try to give lessons about respect and duty *smiles*
      kinda reverse virtual world here o_O.
      Leave your comp, go outside and make some sport.
    14. Stealthdjentstic
    15. vampiregenocide
      Ha ha fair dooze man :lol: Let me know when you are, and I can add you up.
    16. vampiregenocide
      Hey man you on facebook?
    17. phaeded0ut
      Sadly, since I'm now looking for a job and getting ready to start up school not as much or frequently as I'd like. This said. The neck is amazing and this is an understatement. It is fast, it is even and damn if the beastie doesn't feel perfect! There are a few cosmetic issues/requests I'd have really preferred to have been followed. The neck angle relative to the body would have been a little more helpful and comfortable for a rounder person like me. The body really sits well and stands well, too! The one time it was taken out, lots of folks thought that I was playing a Fodera bass through a Mesa Boogie Guitar amplifier. The MIDI end is working out fairly well, it isn't as good as piezo, but it gets the job done for middle and slower voices without warbling or cross talk from strings. Oh, for the nay-sayers, I'll be damned if I'm having any tuning issues with the Kahler trem system on this beastie; you do have to be subtle and not use as much force with it (vs. a Floyd or an Ibanez or Wilkinson).

      This weekend, I'll try to get a write-up done for the beastie.
    18. vampiregenocide
      :lol: Ha ha tah man :wub:
    19. vampiregenocide
      Ah man thats a shame :lol: She'd get ruined.
    20. vampiregenocide
      Dude...who is your current avatar hottie? :wub:
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