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Aug 10, 2014
Oct 23, 2008
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caughtinamosh, from Earth

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Aug 10, 2014
    1. Daemoniac
      Nice as :D Yeah i cant wait for the jamming session, itll be pretty hectic though, 4 guitarists and 1 bassist :lol: (one of Dans friends), one of them into classic metal, one of thm into jazz/metal and who can actually play, and 2 (me and s7eve) into industrial stuff, and s7eve into more FF style stuff.

      It really is a shame about the mod situation. There was a time only a month ago (if that) where The Dark Wolf and that came back and were doing a kickass job again! It was fucking great, but no. It was not to last :(

      Trying to get into some electronics as well, its something im really really into (though not 'good' at yet :lol:) and is actually really affordable to just dabble in.
    2. Daemoniac
      Yeha man jobs pretty good. Shit pay though :lol: Got some Blackouts for the 7420, but they're still waiting to be installed properly (i forgot to check how tall they were :ugh::erk:), changing the killswitch on the 6 string to a 'tone switch' this weekend (i hope) so that will be rad as too, jamming with s7eve, HaGGuS, and dpm in a week or so which will fucking pwn.

      Howd your tests go? hows things your end in general? There really arent enough mods at the moment. From what ican tell that short period of time where there were shitloads of mods is totally over. Haven't seen MetalKen on in a while, The Dark Wolf was on for ages too but again not in a while :(
    3. Daemoniac
      Hey, and he's back :D

      Yeah things are odd at the moment. Im not on here nearly as much as i was, and honestly there are very few topics i even post in these days :noway: Bunch of n00bs who couldnt be fucked searching for threads have taken over

      Still, i appreciate the people i know on here :D Good to see you back :metal:
    4. MFB
      Velcome back, although as you've already seen...things are rather dire here :ugh:
    5. JBroll
      Yes, I'm a second-year graduate student in mathematics and I've been tutoring since elementary school. Send over whatever you need.

    6. silentrage
      Next up google "Chinese FHM"

      Doens't get any better than that.
    7. silentrage
      Hehe, fo sho dude!
      I have too much nude female "Reference" material for my own good, if you want some artsy-sexy shit look up Aleksey & Marina, make sure you have some paper towel.
    8. caughtinamosh
      Fuck, what a great first visitor message on my profile. :lol:

      You win. :metal:
    9. silentrage
      Wicked awesome dude, I love stuff like this for reference.
      Don't hesitate to drop me some more names. :D
      Btw I already have like 50 femjoy collections.
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    I play guitar.
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