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Aug 10, 2014
Oct 23, 2008
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caughtinamosh, from Earth

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Aug 10, 2014
    1. mindstorm
      i'm quite fancying one of those LTD MHB400 baritones too. Even with the EMG's (they can always be replaced)

      And i dunno about ariel yet............
    2. MFB
    3. mindstorm
      Just searched google for that name. You disgust me........

      *add to favourites*
    4. MFB
      Pretty much

      I never would've expected MG to become the new place but the smaller crowd is 10x what the huge crowd here is
    5. mindstorm
      woops. I'm slow. and EEEEEWWWWW!

      I'm fancying some cold sweats for my ESP
    6. mindstorm
      Methinks a certain someone wouldn't be too happy if she knew what you were looking at.....

      And you don't use a 335 for Opeth tone lol
    7. MFB
      Yup, that's why I've done more trolling around here lately versus posting like I do at MG
    8. mindstorm
      A nailbomb in a 335? That's like me singing. It just shouldn't be done......

      Now who is the chick in the avatar?
    9. mindstorm
      lol. It probably can do br00talz, but I haven't tried yet. Insanely gainy though. Sold the 7 string too
    10. MFB
      Everything is whats gone wrong here
    11. mindstorm
      in school? ouch.

      Got myself one of those Blackstar HT-Dual Pedals. Pretty nice bit of kit
    12. mindstorm
      Nope. And I don't give a fuck about it lol.

      So what's up with yourself. Not seen you in a while
    13. mindstorm
      meh, to hell with that. Will a video suffice?

      YouTube - Lyle Watt - Cliffs Of Dover
    14. mindstorm
    15. mindstorm
      Alright McFucknugget? When'd you get unbanned then?
    16. drmosh
      yeah, sorry bout that. :/
    17. Daemoniac
      Thanks man, i appreciate it. I get in real moods when i write stories, and my cluttered writing is easier to clean up when its in a story form as opposed to in a form of writing where it has to rhyme as well :eek: Hard to concentrate my mind down into a smaller form, and hard to expand it to full stories as well.
    18. Daemoniac
      Dude... the one for lust = win. I tried poetry for years, but my writing is too literal and rigid for poetry. I get too single minded as well, which is great for stories and creative writing, but atrocious for descriptive and good poems. :( It sucks though, i always wanted to do poetry.
    19. Daemoniac
      Absolutely. Im sort of tied between English and Art, though my artistic abilities arent all that great physically my mind is just constantly running at a million miles an hour in every direction :lol:

      I love doing short stories though. LOVE doing them. This is one i rewrote for my English Extension class that i recently fixed up a tad;
      Theres another whole essay part that explains why i changed it using a fuck-ton of different theories and whatnot, butyeah, creative writing = awesome. :)
    20. Daemoniac
      English is great. I did "English Extension" when i was at high school, which was literary theory/philosophy. Basically advanced university english but at high school :D It was incredible, but intense :eek:
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