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Aug 10, 2014
Oct 23, 2008
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caughtinamosh, from Earth

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Aug 10, 2014
    1. hufschmid
    2. hufschmid
      thanks :) i was never a pink floyd fan for some reason :) Just not my thype of music :)
    3. gatesofcarnage
      When i'm over there next summer i will most definently pick up a few! And that does suck how weak the pound is right now.
    4. Harry
      Feel better that I let it out literally and feel better that I let it out on a forum board visitor page that I did it:lol:
    5. Harry
      I confess to jerking off to pictures of Ariel that I saw on google.
      I feel better now that I let that out:lol:[IMG]
    6. gatesofcarnage
      Lucky I have to wait quite a while when i order mine unless Nick has em in stock. Can't wait for teh picstory!
    7. GazPots
      Well it was going great and then the amazing weather turned up and i became horribly ill.

      So now i am avoiding all contact with the outside world as i can't actually move. :lol:

      At least i didnt get sunburnt. :lol:
    8. Stealthdjentstic
    9. Stealthdjentstic
      Nice profile pic :fawk:
    10. gatesofcarnage
      Awesome!!!!!! They should sound awesome in that guitar! Also i love your avatar:yesway:
    11. Marv Attaxx
      Marv Attaxx
      Hey, thank you for accepting me :wavey:
      See you @ the 250k thread :lol:
    12. ErykaDaemons
      Thanks for the friend request. I'll update my profile so there will actually be something interesting to read.
    13. gatesofcarnage
    14. gatesofcarnage
      Thanks for the heads up, I probably be buying a CS sometime in the next few months, first i'm gonna buy a Holy Diver for my old RG('92), that should be awesome!
    15. gatesofcarnage
      Its Maple/walnut neckthru with mahogany wings and i'll probably go with a MM or CS in the middle.
    16. Thin_Ice_77
      It bothers me and it doesn't. It pisses me off a bit when people don't sign it... I mean, I know Scar Symmetry hates me but at least he has the balls to sign his rep and stuff like that.

      Most of that neg rep is basically because I don't like a lot of the stuff that is liked here, if that makes sense. For example, I don't like Meshuggah and I like Bring me the Horizon. It's the opposite with most people here, so if I post in a 'New Meshuggah song' thread and say I don't like it, I'll get a load of shit for being negative all the time. But then if I mention BMTH, everyone says 'Oh fuck off, they're shit'. Double standard much?

      I can't win sometimes, but a few dicks putting some red squares on my page isn't going to stop me saying what I think about stuff, fuck 'em.
    17. Thin_Ice_77
      Yeah, I am so sick of that word. I might have to murder the next person who says it.

      I noticed a few of the old members have disappeared. Michael and Chris seems to gone to metalguitarist or whatever its called and some of the new members don't really replace them.

      It happens with every guitar forum though. I was a member on UG for ages, made about 8000 posts there but all the cool people disappeared and it was gradually got taken over my complete dickheads who knew nothing. I stuck to the OT forum there, but there was still a great deal of stupidity going on. I just hope doesn't go the same way, because I have noticed a lot of elitism here recently, you can see by my neg rep that people don't like me at all :lol:
    18. Thin_Ice_77
      Haha, I replied to that thread just before you sent me the link. I'm on the ball today :D

      Yeah, we missed you round here. There are a couple of 'regulars' now who I really don't like, so it's good to get the cool people back!
    19. Thin_Ice_77
      Why hello thar!

      It's not going too bad. Played a gig last night, but I have to go to work today so thats a bit shit... can't complain too much though.

      How's everything with you?
    20. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      haha peace and happiness FTW :cool:
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