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  • Hey Brian! Long time no see, I was wondering about those Nordstrand pickups with the oversized poles, do you happen to have any clips of those bad boys?
    Afternoon bud! If you have the chance would like your input on my new thread... ""Wood" this work...?" help answer questions on wood selection. Thanks!
    Wow... I just saw your website, and those are some amazing looking guitars. I just have two questions (I hope it's ok), 1) how do you get the beautiful two tone fretboards (think I have an idea, but I'm not sure)? and 2) How do you bind your neck to your body? The first guitar I build will be for me, and I want one that doesn't have a bolt on neck. :) thanx! Again... beautiful work!
    Hey, Dude can you help me make my guitar? I know you helped Adam and It would be good to have more room on here so I can describe in detail what I'm after and the specs, as well as get a cost analysis. :)
    Hello, I'm interested in your Washburn Strandberg. Is it still available?
    EDIT: Sorry I'm not good with SS.org format. I sent you a private message regarding the subject
    I tried to find the sawdustandnoise site to get templates made but it seems to be gone. Do you know of any other way I can contact him?
    Hey man - No worries I AM totally still here -LOL! I have been in the studio and rehearsing hardcore for the passed 5 months, and I've totally not checked in since Jan =P
    Drop me a line on here or Tomii Tron on FB!
    If you could do that it would be awesome. I have all of the measurements, I just don't have CAD (or knowledge of it).
    Do you know of anyone who can make reusable fretting templates (acrylic or metal) for non 12-edo based fretboards? I need some for a build I'm going to do. I would just use fret-find but it doesn't do non-octave stuff.
    Dude do you have any shows with your band on the horizon?
    My band and I actually moved here this year past and I thought I'd catch up with some of my TO friends on here :)
    not too bad - it's been pretty insane for me in the last year, just getting things under control now. :)
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