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  • Hey man! I must say I love your music. It inspires me to pick up the guitar and jam. I also admire your soloing. Could you tell me your inspirations and which scales do you use the most? I would really appreciate it!
    Dear god your music is amazing. I just discovered you last week. I'm digging the songs that you tabbed already, but when are you going to post some 8-string tabs?
    Ah no doubt man, I have a lot of Tamil friends, my best bud tends to recognise others from things like 'thu' in the name haha, ah well!

    Been down south much or are you always in Scotland? I'd gladly beer you sometime if you happened to come down bro :)
    " Thanks to my brother's (almost) unpronounceable name, people have taken to calling him C3 "

    Only just saw this, made me lol! Sithu sounds Tamil, amirite? :)
    Just listened to some of your tracks on your band camp and i am loving them all! going to purchase some of your stuff this weekend when i get a paycheck. keep the good music coming man, great work.
    Hi Sithu :D, recently got into your music and still Im amazed at how you make everything sound so big, so I was wondering if you could do a little mixing tutorial or something, or at least give me some tips on getting a good bass tone (the bass side of the spectrum always sounds messy in my recordings)
    anyways, thanks for the awesome music! :)
    Never been a fan of what I heard from bass VST... Maybe I should at least try one and judge by myself.
    Yeah this is what I tried first but it seems all my DAW's built-in plugins kind of create a latency on the dry signal I apply the pitch shifter to. The original track tend to sound way muddier and everything sounds like it is being played a millisecond later than usual...
    Hey what's up man!
    I was wondering what VST or software are you using for the pitch shifter used on your guitar to simulate the bass? It seems that I can't find one without too much latency...
    Haha, that's freaking cool! Also, what's that little country below China? Seems really angry compared to its neighbors. :lol:

    And Facebook, I don't think I need one... Or maybe I do, but I just don't want to waste time on it. It would just be another way to rationalize myself why I shouldn't do the things I have to do.
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