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  • Hey man, passed though Horn Lake today. If I would have known I was passing through we could have jammed :shred:
    hi man, I dont give any building tips or tricks anymore because usually people only contact me about this and some of them abuse of my generosity and recently this made me sick, nothing personal... When I started nobody was helping me and I spent time experimenting on my own, i'm an artisan trying to make a living, building guitars is not fun but my living so I dont really want to share trademarks fi you see what I mean? However, there are many website on internet, check on google about oil finishing techniques and stains and i'm sure you will find some stuff, also the best thing to do is to take a piece of wood and experiment.... Just like this guy who was asking me how I go about redrilling a tuners safely, WTF? just take a fucking drill and drill a hole... lol
    Hey man, Patrick got banned from here and contacted me and asked me if it were possible to just send you a pm letting you know that your body shipped, and that he had a couple questions for you and to email him at [email protected] as soon as you can
    Hey how's it going?
    I've got a set of blackouts and a d-activator bridge....so i'm in the process of deciding that. I think i may go with the blackouts though if those turn out to be "muito viadu" then i may think about BKP!!
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