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  • Hi Sir - I recently purchased a S7420, just like the one you had on a thread about replacing the TRS Trem. Which trem did you go with and how did it work out? I'm looking at both the licensed and OFR trems. Much appreciated!

    sorry bud, ive been gone for awhile. i was on here everyday for a few months then just had to take a break cause i couldnt get anything done. thx for the link...i want to get the boba fett & stormtrooper one too lol.
    dude, i see alot of the posts you do & we agree on alot :agreed: i get a kick out of most!

    i think we need to be buds :yesway:
    hey thnx for u post in my thread
    i just wanted to ask something out of curiousity

    does that "rules of the game" by neil strauss really work? kinda got me wondering
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