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May 9, 2006
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how do i delet May 27, 2017

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Apr 6, 2020 at 10:43 PM
    1. But Doesn’t it Djent?
      But Doesn’t it Djent?
      Misha is the Bulb model in Amber Tiger Eye still available. If so, I’ll get one!!!!
    2. sezna
      what even is the meme in your picture it is so tiny
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    3. bulb
      how do i delet
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    4. Brendanperigee
      What's good dude?! Now I've recently bought a AXE-FX XL+ I've been working on getting my tone right for recording biggest problem I'm facing is weither to use the compressor in front of the amp or not I've noticed with it in front it tames the peaks but at the same time messes with my tone and the attack making it sounds squashed especially when I'm palm muting. Is it best to not use a compressor in front of the amp rather use it in the mixing and mastering stages?
    5. Jacksonluvr636
      Never have been much into Periphery but always respected your playing and I liked the "Bulb" stuff but I just heard Marigold and am blown away. You are really amazing \m/
    6. Oreo-Tan
      You... Goddammit, man. Scarlet is my new earbug and I've spent time learning it. Looking forwards to meeting you on your Ottawa stop! Got my ticket and all ^^
    7. se7en_immortal
      Bro! I am a huge fan! Imagine me finding you on here. Awesome. Love you guys style. Just one question... do you guys play without a bass player, or was that just the way it looked on the last video I saw? just wondering. Again... big fan. Truly creative... and isn't that what we're all striving for? L8rs!
    8. eyeswide
      Hey Misha, how do you feel about sports?
    9. Facepalm_mute
      cant stop listening to the new album. really really stoked for another. you are all a true inspiration.
    10. Charvel7string
      your the shit bro!
    11. Metal Guitarist
      Metal Guitarist
      Misha what was your favorite amp you played in Monsters of High Gain? Sounds to me like the Peavey 6534+ was the best.
    12. OmegaSlayer
    13. Dawn of the Shred
      Dawn of the Shred
      Im sorry that i said you overrated. I just got your 2nd cd and im blown away by it. Its great! You made me a fan.
    14. badbrad666
      Hey misha whats happening I'm sure a ton of people ask u stuff so here you go lol I just got a 4 knob compressor what are some good settings for heavy djenty stuff I love the comp by the way I have mine at sustain 12 o'clock, level 12,attack 3, clipping 6
    15. donray1527
      I'm seeing you guys in Louisville next week! I'm pumped!
    16. alex_sengage
      Hi Misha! For starters, huge fan of your work! You're a great writer! Next, I realize that you've transitioned your rig into an axe-fx. But by chance could you give me some information about your old rig with the isp decimator and the boss ns-2 noise gates with the ibanez tube screamer in between? I want to know how you set the parameters on the two noise gates and the tube screamer. Thanks man!
    17. Abolyshed
      MISHA have you heard of "Chon" yet? might be a stupid question by now lol but what do you think? Lets talk about it man.
    18. Vermillion
      Hey dude, quick question. I use 11-68 gauge strings (custom Daddarios) and have a ebmm jp-7 coming to me at the end of the month. Do they handle the thicker string gauge tuned to drop g# well? any special mods needed or recommended? Any help would be great. Thanks!
    19. Chuck
    20. bulb
      Volume and Tone around 6 and Drive at 0 or 1
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    Home Page:
    Washington DC
    NSA Informant
    Primary Seven:
    Jackson Jugg
    Main Rig:
    Line6 G90 ->Axefx II
    Real Name:
    Lord Awesomeguy
    Myspace URL:
    Primary ERG:
    Jackson Jugg
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Jackson Jugg
    Other Guitars:
    Blackmachine B2 Flamed Koa, Blackmachine B6, Rick Toone S2, Jackson Juggs and Protos, Teuffel Tesla, Teuffel Birdfish, Whole bunch o' Strats.
    Peavey Invective, Axefx II, Axefx Ultra, EVH 5150 III, Two Notes Torpedo Live,
    Effects & Pedals:
    Horizon Devices Precision Drive, Original TC Electronic SCF, Shitloads of PEDLASLSLSD
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Peavey Invective Cabs, Zilla Cabs, 64 Ears IEM
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Buncha stuff
    Misc/Other Gear:

    trying to make my life dope and do dope shit
    trying not to didding too much durgs
    trying to did kex and not deading
    trying to not go airplane all the time



    "Just have fun with it" - Winston Churchill 1879
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