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  • Hey man, do you go to Fanshawe?

    I did a search of fanshawe and it came up with a thread you started about testemant playing a show there so i assumed you did.
    Lol for sure. if anything, ask him if hes interested in a Jackson DKMGT with emg's hahaha.
    Oh you know him? Thats awesome. Yeah if u could ask him that would be sick. When I read your post and you said that the tone was crushing I was like: "I gotta know" lol.

    Im a huge Parker guy. I would love nothing more than to own a Dragonfly (and hopefully a 7 string Dragonfly if they ever make it). Id probably sell all my shit and just get those 2 guitars lol
    Hey wassup dude? I read your post the other saying that Arise And Ruin used Parkers on one of their albums. Could you tell me which one? Thanks in advance man :hbang:
    It's such a pity.
    On mine I've wired a 5 way switch and I have to say that the series of both pups is really mean.
    Are you really going to sell you T7?
    Last time I read something bout that guitar from yoy you were enthusiastic.
    I'm keeping the pedals, except for the EQ. The boosts may come in handy and the BM pedal I keep just because it looks cool and specializes, surprisingly, in great lead tones.
    A pedal is the last thing I need. I'm trying to ditch this EQ pedal remember? I still got the Bodenhamer fucked up Blood Drive, the stock Blood Drive, and the Black Metal Pedal.
    I'm tired of looking at the damn thing. I hope someone buys it..mainly just so it can get away from me. The more I want the Krank the more I want to get rid of the DTX, and the more I can't stand it being around
    I'm getting annoyed that no one had bought this amp yet. No one's buying anything it seems unless it's insanely cheap.
    I got Pepsi and Disaronno...life is good. I threw my amp on ebay just to see what would happen. Meanwhile I'm waiting for my paycheck to show up in my account to see if I'll be bagging a Krank this weekend
    C'mon man, you know my 1000th post gotta be epic! :lol: I use a Tech 21 Tri-AC direct. I suppose "amp" was misleading. ;) But its distortion does sound like shit. Just listen to their own clips. Thin, fuzzy crap. The clean channel is nice though, and I use a tube OD/distortion to drive that.

    I gotta shitload of work and a new computer on the way, but I'mma try to get a proper recording for y'all by next weekend. :metal:
    Then it is decided. We'll have to choose a weekend and get a bunch of people onboard. Any idea where we could do this?
    Yeah, I picked up the 8 string. I'll definitely give you a call if I don't want it anymore.

    You know, we should jam out next time I'm in London. Or, we could have a small London meet at some point. (You, Aaron, Scott - Who seems to never be on here anymore - Me, whoever else)
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