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  • Hi Budda. I really hate to bother you with questions, but I'm in the market for a Mesa amp, and I understand you have the Roadster.
    I'd like to know how you compare the Roadster to the Dual Rectifier Solo heads. I love the Dual Recto and Triple Recto Solos, but I'm looking for the most versatility I can get. I want an amp that can do great cleans, gritty blues rock tones, heavy fucking metal rhythms, and a tight smooth lead tone. (Basicallly, I need Hendrix, Metallica, Petrucci, and KSE in one amp :lol:)

    Would you consider the Roadster to be more versatile than the standard Dual Recto Solo?

    Does the Roadster have better cleans?

    Is the Roadster's lead channel smoother or tighter than the Dual Recto?

    Or should I just go with the Dual Recto Solo?
    BreakdownMosh: Northlane

    enjoy and show all your mates!
    my favourite song is hollow and deadmines is our crowd favourite.
    Thanks heaps bro!
    thanks budda! if you liked what you heard you should be able to find our EP on a blogspot, download it and listen to the whole thing. I reckon there's better tracks than what we have up there. Much appreciated mate
    i tried your CH 4 settings. I ended up with

    100-watt, tube rectifiers (I think)
    Master: 4
    presence: 2
    bass: 3.5
    mid: 6.5
    treble: 3.5
    gain: 6.5


    it sounded great cranked, with about as much gain as my tastes would allow. It works well for my tuning (A-standard)
    What are your Ch4 settings? Since our rigs are similar I could give you some decent feedback.

    I love Ch3's voicing but I can't seem to nail down anything on Ch4 other than a typical scooped sound. :shrug:
    Hey, I just scored a TS7 and I tried the settings you suggested in my NAD thread. Roadster + TS7 = win
    fair enough, and i hear you about the cash thing. wait, how the hell did you afford the mesa, and the sims guitar anyways?
    humm, actually i may be interested in the mp. but i need a job first. whats up with you trying to sell everything off?
    :p you always seem to have the worst timing. you were selling your pickup set just days after my friend spent a FORTUNE on the exact pickups. then just about 3 weeks ago, a friend just bought the same guitar you mentioned. but sure, i'll try asking around. do you have it on craigslist and kijiji?

    i've noticed that if you have the name as something else, you get more people looking into your adds.
    Hey Justin,

    I've still got Cam's old 8 string Agile Interceptor. It's a great guitar, (those stock Agile Cepheus pups sound fantastic) but I'm not playing it anymore. Thinking of selling - Since you asked me a while back, figured I'd give you a shout :yesway:.

    oot and aboot. Lurking man, always lurking... my Sherman is almost done though so I've started checking in a lot more
    Hey man did u ever get a chance to ask the guitarist of Arise And Ruin about the parker thing?
    I like both really, but I dont really see myself being in a recording and touring band...not yet at least
    Thats sick man, Im appyling like mad to go there...MIA, Broadcasting, and general arts & sciences.

    I got to go on a private tour of studio 2 and some other class with the the advisor for the program, and I just got fuckin pumped. It looks like a great place to be, and the Mia program is exactly what I wanna do.

    What are you there for?
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