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    1. TMM
      Ah okay... I'm always looking for interesting new speaker combinations for my cabs. Depending on the price, I might take 2 if you were willing to ship.
    2. TMM
      Sorry I missed this message! I'm not sure how it slipped by me.

      A quad of 5150 speakers went for like $180 (USD) on eBay recently, and my pair went for $95. I'm not sure how the Triple-X speakers compare pricewise, but I would think you could get more than $75 for sure.

      How do the Triple-X speakers sound? I don't really remember. I do remember having a 212 a long time ago with a Greenback and a Triple-X speaker, and I liked that, but at the same time, I hated the Triple-X 412A (all Triple-X speakers) I had at the time. Maybe they work better in smaller formats? Or mixed with other speakers?
    3. ohio_eric
      yeah I'm glad xiphos quit. It would have turned ugly.
    4. xXxPriestessxXx
      They are a lot of fun live. If you get the chance, you must go see them.
    5. xXxPriestessxXx
      MATSOD are awesome. I know some of those guys and they are great. FWIW their new CD comes out June 23rd and they have a new track from it on myspace. :)
    6. biggness
      Hey duder, check out my band, myspace.com/sononeshallperish or you could dig up my thread and revive some life into it. :lol:
    7. soliloquy
      lucky you! i'm paying for myself, and guitars as well...either way. what are you doing at school? i mean, what is your major?
    8. soliloquy
      humm...so, my question to you is, how the hell are you affording all this? i mean, you have a gibson, a hamer, and what else do you have? and you're going to western? what are you taking there? a buddy of mine just got laid off, and he used to live in london.

      btw, have you ever been to a place there called baraka? they make some really good shawarmas there!
    9. soliloquy
      any luck on the duncun pickups?

      also, what part of toronto are you from? if you're in the mississauga neighborhood, and are curious about agile guitars, let me know.
    10. sakeido
      no MSN for me.. still. Still have it, still don't use it, not even sure if I have it installed on my comp at the moment. That Hamer looks sick! Very nice guitar. 59s aren't bad.. I liked the ones that came in my SLS3, once I changed the strings they got pretty damn ballsy.
    11. sakeido
      Haven't posted on mg in awhile.. was following that Mike Sherman thread pretty closely until most of the interesting posts got deleted and replaced with the circlejerks common to that place :D
      The SLS is still here. Doesn't look like its going anywhere.. recession, I guess. Not a big deal though - I can keep playing it. It sounds sick
    12. sakeido
      eh I was around, just not posting for awhile. Didn't have anything constructive to say :lol:
    13. Anton
      Posted some non evil tats :D check them out...
    14. DrakkarTyrannis
      The funny thing is I just found out that I have MSN..I just never used it
    15. DrakkarTyrannis
      Just download AIM..all the cool kids are doing it. You wanna be cool dontcha?
    16. DrakkarTyrannis
      Hail 2 tha naw..I can't afford no free shit....besides AIM is cooler
    17. soliloquy
      if you post a picture, kijiji can be very helpful too
    18. soliloquy
      can't find one at the moment, but i'll let you know if i run across one. try kijiji or craigslist in the mean time?
    19. soliloquy
      you may have more luck on harmonycentral?
    20. soliloquy
      the pickups are already installed into his guitar. stupid store policy is no returns on open or used products. silly capitalism!
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