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  • Adam A7x in a decently treated room + my trusty Audio Technica M50.

    I normally prefer to mix in the cans due to how well I know them and the Adam's are just for reference, verbs and to keep down ear fatigue.

    Glad the tips helped.
    Thanks for the kind words, though that soundcloud mix test is old and raggedy to say the least.

    I'm going to start posting some more stuff from my upcoming full length, later this year.

    Cheers and good luck with your stuff, it's sounding really good so far.
    Nope sorry man, I've only got the bolt on 30" w/single pu and the pro 28.6" w/single 18v emg
    yeah i actually sold the bol a few days ago, i have 3 customs coming in this week and i got a bernie rico not too long ago. new brj and acacia custom coming over the next two weeks. too many guitars.
    No thanks bro, I'm selling this to fund a Pod HD Pro purchase. :/ I really need one.
    I had a quick little video around, but i cant find it now. I'l record a little clip when i get a chance and link you to it. It plays pretty awesome actually. Its pretty much my go to guitar now.
    Grab the book "Make Your Own Electric Guitar" by Melvyn Hiscock. Best place to start.
    Nice. Yeah all I use mine for is to play After The Burial riffs and attempt AAL stuff (and fail) :lol: I know Combustion by Meshuggah too, but it really isn't worth keeping around for that. Besides, I've started building now and kind of want to make an insane ergonomic 8 string just cause it would feel right putting all my fucked up ideas into an 8. :lol:
    I honestly really love it. It sounds awesome, feels awesome and looks awesome. I just don't use it. 7s are just more than enough for me right now.
    Word. They're pretty solid dude. I don't know how to explain them better than saying Dimarzio nailed getting their sound into 8 string pickups.
    Yea, i'm gonna throw a neck pup in that sucker one of these days. I'm making a 6'er version of it at the moment. And yea, I'm on facebook.Maybe one of these days we could hook up and jam or have a beer or something. I go out to granite quite regularly with my job(i'm a window washer:lol:)
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