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  • Hey man, I found a thread while searching, and saw you were possibly selling a LTD Viper-407 awhile ago. You still have it, and are you willing to part with it? I'd be more than will to take it off your hands dude.
    Hey man, what color grill was that on your whitebox and what speakers did you have in it?
    That clip sounded pretty damn good man. Can only imagine such a wall of sonic enjoyment from that 6x12!
    Well I can say we will definitely be playing Murder Sermon, will Vincent actually do his spot? We'll have to see hahahaha
    hey boss. Do you know if the windsor can take 6550's/KT88's stock, or does it need to be modded. I figured you might know since you had a modded one. :yesway:
    Dang! Hopefully I can keep the weight down, especially with my poweramps. I'm going with an Atomic MB50 that only weighs about 15 pounds and when I get the cash for stereo, I'll have two for about 30 pounds. Just looking at those beefy Mesa poweramps KILLS my back haha.
    That would be sick man! My stereo rig in my head was always way too complicated so I'm going all rack and seeing what my rig turns into hah! I'm just sure I don't want to jump on the AxeFX bandwagon, no trends for me man!
    Nice! Yeah, my 5150II doesn't start roaring 'til about 4 also hah. That's the only reason I'm selling mine, it's a hassle to record at such volumes in my room man!
    I like it a lot actually. I know some don't, but I'm extremely happy with it. I prefer it over my old Ultra Plus.
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