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  • Hey man, I just wanted to say thank you for posting our EP on your band's FB page. We really appreciate it.
    Sup dude! Not really as of lately, but i'll be starting to write stuff shortly. I'm sure i'll post a bunch of stuff once I get going.
    Heck yeah dude! I meant to say that Boise life is going okay. I'm stepping down from being a supervisor, and I'm definitely ready for the change over to more music again. My wife and I are starting to work on personal business plans, and we're looking at getting a dog! Just saw some bluenose/red pitbull pups yesterday, and tentatively picked out a chubby lazy blue girl. We'll know in about 24 hours whether or not we're going to get her, and then in a month she'll be ready to come home. We're planning on training her to be a companion/service animal and take her to children's hospitals to help spread the word that pits are not naturally vicious animals. I'm stoked.
    Dude I totally didn't mean to ignore you. It never gave me a heads up about my conversations going on here. Just got some bass traps in and I haven't even mounted them yet, but my room is immediately more tight and I can hear everything so much better. My mixes are going to improve big time.
    It's your .. middle finger :) Wait ... needs a pic.

    Ok, here we are

    Hey guy. It's been a while since I"ve loaded anything up. Tell me what you think!

    Big Tasty Groove-wich by Speculum Speculorum on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
    currently on hold due to my extremely busy work schedule. Not to mention being newly single allows me to have a social life ouside of my former significant other so thats been eating up alot of my time. I do however have a concrete plan for it. I was able to clean alot of corrosion off the trem making it look almost brand new so I'm just gonna leave it with a blocked lo pro. It will also be getting a Passion & Warfare style swirl and then a d-activator in the bridge and a liquifire in the neck.
    Hey man. I need some tech work done on my guitars, and it's been about a week and John Bolin still hasn't gotten back to me. Do you know any reputable guys in the Boise area? I sure as hell am not going to take my BRJ to GC to have them take a look at it.
    Oh man... that's funny. Idaho is really small, isn't it? (and by funny, I mean it's funny because I'm 28 - but living in Washington my whole life kept me all young looking from lack of sun)...

    BTW - I definitely made some changes on the mix - it's sounding loads better. You should check it out now. Loads more punchy, and clarity much increased. Do you have anything posted here?
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