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  • Ltds usually seem to handle pretty well, not too much different in playability from their big Japanese brothers, which is both an upside and down for me, up that you can get great playability real-o-cheap, but bad because the Japanese models don't feel like such an upgrade, something Ibanez has in spades. :D
    Not bad at all, moving to live in my own flat in Melbourne for uni in less than 3 weeks, and saving money big time, but luckily, with my situation there, I may end up having more money for gear than I have before. I'll have to wait and see how much electricity and internet is going to cost me.

    Definitely think this would be a great year to get a deposit down on a custom, or at least get another tracking guitar.
    That's all awesome! Except for the job resigning, hope you can get another one soon mate :)

    Also, look out for a N(X)D of sorts in OT from me, got a few lovely things in the post :D
    I'll at least have the Steiny out there with me since it fits in overhead compartments
    Rain I'm fine with, as well as fog, but I have started hearing it's not as warm as I expected but oh well. As long as it doesn't go below 40's, even low 50's, I'm content. That's the point where I'll be like "THIS IS FUCKING CALIFORNIA I AM NOT PAYING FOR THIS KIND OF SHITTY WEATHER!"

    Also, I HOPEFULLY get to keep my current job as a photo tech since there's a Walgreens right down the street from where my school is; so I'll get a raise to adjust to cost of living + the 5 years I've been with the company raises on top of that...I think.
    WHAT?! I've always loved the idea of California, and it might just be through clever marketing and bad media, but it looks beautiful...and sunny...and warm, unlike MA in the winter. I'm moving to San Francisco to attend the Art Institute with a major in Game Art & Development.

    You guys totally picked the wrong time to leave the state since the party is just getting started over there
    :D Can't wait till Skyrim! And when my exams are over in about 10 days, I get to go on a 7 day holiday of binge drinking. :lol:

    I say 7 days, but it's just 7 days out of my 3 month holiday. :D
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