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    Seventring under 700$?

    try out a Jackson JS32-7Q! they look great and feel awesome, and they've got that 26.5" scale ;)
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    NGD Road Flare Red RG7! Paint secrets and build story

    man, i've always loved this finish! congrats bro
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    New to SSO

    thanks guys, i'm very happy to be here. also, i just got my tracking number, and it should be here sometime on the 12th or 13th
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    Damn, i love the look of these! killer guitar man :)
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    New to SSO

    I intend to, don't worry!
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    New to SSO

    Hi everyone! :wavey: I've finally made a profile for here and I'd like to start off with a thread about the new .strandberg* Boden OS7's! I just put my order in for one, and I'm (im)patiently waiting for it to arrive. This is going to be my first "professional" guitar (I've never owned any worth...

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