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  • yeah I wish alot of these bands would come to the states honestly. The Butterfly effect is another one I love but will probably never get to see live unfortunately. Also as for the albums, I'll definitely look into it, I need new stuff anyways :)
    Aaahh I never knew that song was theirs! Every day I stand more and more by the fact that RK has the best music I've ever heard in any anime I've seen so far. Also funny about that ending song where Siam Shade plays is that Tomoe appears in it twice. It's like they're telling you that the coolest part of the anime is over so you f*ck off and go read the manga :lol:.

    That aside, saying that Siam Shade sound like Rush and Dream Theater is a good way of describing them. That's exactly what "SSS" reminds me of, but with a dash of J-Rock. The sense of melody of most Japanese musicians I've heard is ridiculous. It's like they have a proper definition and formula for the term "catchy music" :lol:
    Yeah, I'm not sure how I found them, I think through Karnivool somehow. I'm actually over in southern cali so it was pure coincidence I found out about them but The New Normal is just an amazing album.
    Haha no wonder I liked Godspeed, then! He's got a more fusion-y style than a2c, and isn't as cheesy-sounding, but they're equally as great. His renditions of the Megaman 3 themes and his version of Megaman X3's Zero's theme are sooo good!

    Daita's "Truth and Struggle" reminded me a little bit of Joe Satriani :lol:. I like how he's incredibly skilled, but doesn't show it off too much. All these guys you mentioned are really talented. Of the latter, I particularly liked Michiya Haruhata. I find myself aiming for Japanese stuff nowadays to try and find new musical inspiration. I feel as though I've depleted my Western resources already :lol:.
    Jesus, the G5 Project guys kick all kinds of ass! I'm sticking more with Godspeed and a2c, particularly the latter. His sense of melody is amazing; his phrasing sounds as if it had been taken straight from video game masterpieces from the 90's. Not to mention his bending and vibrato skills. And his anime covers with MintJam. Seriously, thank you :lol:
    Hey man, hows it going ?

    Today I fell in love with this really cool Ibanez Iceman in black (ict700), cant wait to take her home and play lots of Celtic Frost on it !!!. :)

    I put it through a Black Star amp and it sounded awesome, I`m quite tempted to have it in BEADGB tuning maybe !!!. ;)

    Talk soon dude !!!. :)
    Thank you man. Hot chick up there ^^^^ by the way. I'm losing myself just looking at her lol.
    Sorry to bother, but IIRC you are the man to ask. Would there be much sonic improvement pulling off the Edge II from my HR GIGER RGT (Korean made), and replacing with German OFR? I think I remember you posting one time that it's a direct swap with no routing on the edge2. Thanks for the help. My powder coating is all coming off anyways.
    Yup, hanged out with Mwoit at Ochanomizu almost a year and a half ago. That was a lot of fun. Hit me up when you're coming here. Let's hit Ochanomizu to just try out some stuff. Haha.
    Hi there,

    Got the 12 gauge strings as suggested, local guitar tech should have my Ibby ready for the end of the week, so lets hope he does a good job on the set up (C G C F A D) !!!. :)

    Lets hope the nut will accomodate 12 guage strings !!!. :p

    Anyway hope you have a good Xmas and talk to you again soon !!!. :)
    Hey man, how`s it going, how is your band doing, should hopefully be getting your album for Xmas !!!. :)

    I`ve decided to tune one of my Ibby`s (that crazy looking `Bio-armor` RG that came out a few years back) C G C F A D, and was wondering if you used that tuning and if you can think of a good make and gauge of string that will best compliment that tuning ?

    I wonder if 11 or 12 guage would fit the nut ?

    Talk soon :hbang:
    Yeah we hanged out at Ochanomizu back then. That was fun stuff. Tried some guitars and stuff. He ended up buying an Ibanez S series back then haha.
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