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Silence is Violence, from Melbourne, Australia

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    1. ry_z
      Liphlich - My name was - YouTube

      Shitty upload quality, but I was turned on to this band last night. Really interesting stuff.
    2. ry_z
      I deliberately didn't mention that Matenrou Opera are a VK band in that thread title. Laying a trap. :lol:
    3. ry_z

      Apparently Aggy from Deluhi is the vocalist of a new band? :lol:
    4. Qweklain
      Indeed, but ya know... great minds may think alike, but sometimes they just don't work at all! I picked up my reserve of Xenoblade Chronicles yesterday (thanks Gamestop for NOT reminding me), but probably will not play it for a little bit as I need to wrap up the last few achievements in The Darkness (again) and RE: ORC. After that I will probably take on the many hours that Xeno will swallow.
    5. ry_z
      I don't really follow Acid Black Cherry, okay? :lol:
    6. ry_z
      It's not even out yet, is it? :lol:
    7. Scruffy1012
      hey man, just read about you guys playing mayhem festival, you guys by far deserve it. Good luck :D!
    8. ry_z
      T.M.Revolution -

      I'm watching this whole gig now. Those guys are just depressingly good. :rofl:
    9. ry_z
      Kaya - Curse of Rose - YouTube

      The B-side that Hizaki wrote for Kaya's new single is a better Versailles song than most of Versailles's last album. :lol:
    10. MaxOfMetal
    11. ry_z
      T.M.Revolution - FLAGS Audiosurf - YouTube

      I've basically had this on a loop for the past few days. :lol:
    12. Mwoit
      Jesus, I keep doing that. I'm not trying to do it on purpose, I just want to send a message and then once that's done, I go somewhere else!

      Onsens weren't too bad, first time was just my mates & I (there was no homo tension), then we went to a public one with other (older) men and it wasn't bad. Sure, there were some cocks hanging out but that's expected. Gotta... be mature about it, right?

      Pretty much, we went from Tokyo -> Hakata (Fukuoka), Kagoshima, Mt. Aso, Miyajima, Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka / Kobe then back to Tokyo. It was super bad ass.

      Cheers for your advice, here's that NGD I've promised you. It may not be anything amazing, but I do love it!

      If you've got FB, you can check my pics and stuff at Gerald Chau | Facebook
    13. Mwoit
      Bought a guitar in Ochanomizu, will post pics when I get home! Thanks for all your help man.
    14. Sollesnes

      That's nice. :)
    15. Sollesnes
      Haha, I saw you posted the FOTC video. Rarely have I seen someone else who likes jpop, play seven string guitars, AND like FOTC. xD Where you from?
    16. Harry
      The 81/85 is a great combo.
      I'd say just keep the 85 for the neck, no need for the 60 IMO.

      The JB is a nice pickup, just super finicky about what guitar it goes in.
      Works well with alder and mahogany body/maple top guitars.
      Not the tightest pickup around, but not as loose as some of the reviews have you believe. I'd say it's right down the middle as far as it's bottom end goes.
      Of course, Michael Amott of Arch Enemy fame loves the JB, although that being said, I tend to think it's for the best you keep a JB equipped guitar in E standard just to keep it as tight as possible.
      I always kept my 6 string with the JB in E standard, sometimes drop D, but never tuned down really.
      Terrible sounding pickup for cleans in full humbucker mode, but if you can find a way to coil split it, different story.
      Leads are where the JB ultimately shines.
    17. Harry
      Ahh, probably just best to stick with the EMGs, since you KNOW they will work straight off the bat anyway :lol:
      Interestingly, I've rarely been playing fast riffs lately, but even then, the Blackouts just aren't quite tight enough.
      If I end up selling the RG1527, I'll have nothing left for single coil sounds, so it's no surprise that the EMG 707-TWs may end up becoming my ideal pickups in the future due to their coil split function when I get another guitar (or two)

      In fact, I'm very curious about the EMG X series.
      It seems like they'd have the perfect amount of output for me, less than the regular EMGs, but still in the ballpark of medium (the regular EMGs are more comparable to high output pickups like the Duncan JB humbucker I'd say) and of course, less compressed too.
      That, combined with the usual tightness of EMGs seem totally on the money for me.
    18. Harry
      I really feel ya on the EMGs.
      Over time I've just become more and more disappointed with the Blackouts, and VASTLY prefer the EMGs in my Schecter for rhythm guitar.
      The Blackouts just have too much low end, and the excess compression at high gain caused by the VERY high output of the pickups doesn't help the situation.
      I mean it's not bad, and far from terrible for metal guitar and tighter than many pickups out there, but EMGs just cannot be beat for high gain metal rhythm guitar.
      Don't think I'll get another set of Blackouts to be honest.
    19. Harry
      Admittedly music has taken a bit more of a backseat in my life compared to what it used to be.
      That's not to say I'm not playing guitar everyday, I still am, but just haven't been listening to as much music.
      Have barely been following what's happening as far as new bands/new album releases this year and also haven't really paid much attention to what new guitars and gear have come out.

      So which guitar/s have you put EMGs in?
    20. Harry
      Don't practice enough with distortion, yet in a thrash/groove metal band? :lol:
      What's going on here?
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