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Silence is Violence, from Melbourne, Australia

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    1. Harry

      Hmm, what do you think of this clip?
      I spent a fair bit of time trying to get a guitar tone that was a cross between the "Riot!" album by Paramore and Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park of course).
      Not actually my guitar playing btw, it's my mate, and the guitars were reamped using POD Farm.
      It's just a small section of a yet to be finished song that I will be mixing more properly down the track
    2. Harry
      Maybe we could do it to our Edge Pros together? :wub: (that sounded totally not gay at all)
    3. ArtDecade
      Just wanted to let you know that I still checking out the pictures of you's guitars that you have been adding to the JDA thread. Thanks for doing that!
    4. Harry
      Have I considered the 333XL?
      It's pretty much EXACTLY what I was after bro :lol:
      5150 was considered, but unless I can pull one for less than a grand, no go, and the only Marshalls I'd want are the JVM 410H, the 2210 (the biggest brother of the 50 watt 2205 Tom Morello uses) which is unfortunately too loud anyway, and that 6100 anniversary model which I couldn't afford anyway
    5. Harry
      Don't think I can quite stretch to $2500 for the 6505 or $3500 for the JSX :lol:
      2010 model Rectos are looking quite nice but again, don't quite have 4.6 grand to drop on a Dual Recto :(
    6. Harry
      Fuck, I was trying to bid for an amp on ebay, but some cunt has some weird cheat bidding thing happening, every time I placed a bid, it would say "You've been outbid" but they would the same price as what I was bidding:noplease::scratch:
      I don't know if that's normal or not, since I rarely ever use ebay:scratch:

      Sell me your XXX? :wub:
      Ah fuck seriously though, I may as well just pull the trigger on a brand new amp, I've got the money now:hbang:
      If money were no issues, instant JSX head or 6505+, but alas, that ain't possible.
      But anyway, definitely stay tuned, I will hopefully have something coming within the next week or 2
    7. ArtDecade
      Thanks a million! I will have to check the vid out when I am home from work. I tried searching for a copy online, but haven't had any luck so far.
    8. Raoul Duke
      Raoul Duke
      Hey dude! Just rounding up all us Aussies

      Yeah I'm rather obsessed with Hunter Thompson. He was a great writer
    9. Harry
      Good lord, that last run on the Battery solo was virtually just a blur of random noise hidden behind the wah:lol: I can't believe I sat through that entire Kirk video:noplease::lol:
      I've seen Dragonforce live (yes literally and to be fair it was a fun gig, as silly as that band is) and seriously, Kirk makes Herman Li look like a fucking clean player:noplease:
      Maybe if Kirk wore his guitar higher like me, he could play better:idea:
      Well at least, he might hit more notes during the fast runs, but his vibrato is still gonna be terrible:lol:
    10. hutchman
      Hey man, it would be great to do some gigs with you guys. If anything comes up, give us a yell and we are good to go. I think our bands would really compliment each other. Really looking forward to it!!!
    11. Harry
      :rofl: good point.
      I'll do my best to see if any of my mates wanna come with me (although one said he was broke and the other is still at work for the evening and might not be fucked getting off his ass tonight) but I'll give you a call around then to see what's up anyway
    12. Harry
      You at work or not?
      Just want to get an idea of when it's good to give ya call.
      I still gotta head down to the chemist to buy some more ear plugs, I've lost all mine and I tend to NEVER go to gigs without them:lol:
    13. Harry
      I should be able to make it.
      This dude I know that's good mates with a close friend of mine is apparently there every Friday anyway since he's a Werribee/hoppers local.
      If I can remind my mate to save money for that week, he should be able to make it too. He's seen Dora Mah and said it wasn't to his taste, but he said he'd come with me anyway if he had the money together. He's a guitarist too and a great bloke, I'm sure he'd be down with saying hi after your set
    14. signalgrey
      they arent bad. they remind me of sound garden for some reason... are they from the land down under?
    15. Daemoniac
      Oh fuck awesome! THanks man! Yeah I had some of the actual manga ages ago, but I could never remember the name of it beyond the "Angel" part :lol:
    16. Harry
      It'll be interesting to see which is clearer sounding, the Blaze bridge or Blaze Custom Bridge, when we meet up again.
      I gotta say though, that the Dimarzios are much more forgiving pickups than the Blackouts. The Blackouts just make me work like a dog to sound good, because they are just more articulate and clear than the Dimarzios.
      I think that the Blackouts definitely have the edge for extreme metal stuff, no question, just tighter and clearer.
      But something about those Dimarzios seem a bit better when I'm playing some rock like ATDI , just that passive sound lends itself better to that kind of music.
      And yeah, the S7420 really caught my eye. Maybe it was just that it had 24 frets, but it wasn't a bad looking guitar at all.
    17. Harry
      Wait, don't you have Blaze Customs though? Different beast to the Blaze.

      My problem with the Edge Zero is the fucking sustain block. It's tiny and because of the way of the trem is designed, unlike a Lo-Pro or an Edge Pro, it cannot be upgraded to a bigger trem block.
      As far as I'm concerned, that is an extremely poor design choice on Ibanez's half.
      Okay for pure rhythm players, but you know me man, I like to sustain certain notes on leads for a while and unfortunately a small sustain block means it would lack the sustain I need.

      Actually yes, I find the Wizard I necks on the 6 strings too thin, but the 7 string necks are just that bit thicker, basically perfect size really, not too thick, not too thin.
    18. Harry
      Honestly, the whole Edge Zero pro things has pretty much ruined Ibanez RGs in general for me.
      I don't like that bridge AT ALL. To me, the RG 7620s and RG 1527s are where it's at for Ibby 7s with good trems.
      The latest fixed bridge designs are looking cool, but apparently they have Wizard II necks, which I'm not overly fond of to be honest. Probably could get them reshaped to Wizard I profile and refretted to 430 mm fretboard radius spec, but not worth the effort really.

      So you actually have Liquifire/Crunchlabs or gonna buy them? I'm really digging the Blazes, certainly better than the stockers anyway.
    19. Harry
      Ahh, that's right. So BK was an international model then.
      Hell, isn't the RG 1527 range going to be discontinued? Would mean the prices on new ones are just gonna drop.
      I'd like a maple fretboard model too, but you know, I kinda just bought an RG 1527:lol:
    20. Harry
      BK finish.
      Backup guitar huh? Or is yours another variation of a black finish?
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